Friday, December 09, 2005

Hello TruMusicLovaz,

Let's talk music! Those that know me already, know how I feel about music! This is the beginning of something that I hope will be a great experience of music exploration! Hopefully, I will be able to bring the "Nexx Level Of Sound" to the masses. My motivation for this site is to expose the true music artists that in most cases go unheard! There is plenty of great music out there, and it's time to join the movement in getting that music heard. This music venture will range from Soul, R&B, Jazz, HipHop, Jazz, Electrica, and House. Leave your comments, opinions, hellos, and just general information about whatever! Let's see where this adventure takes us......

SoundNexx a.k.a J


harmeone said...

I'm in for the long haul J- let me know if I can hip by digging in the archives (I got a massive tape/cd/mixtape/cd library)
heavy background on east coast -from Big L's only released cd to Young Zee and the Outsidas (Jersey Represent!)
ya boy


SoundNexx said...

Harmeone - What up E! Thanks for the offer man....I may need that favor one of these days! I am trying to get all of the bugs out of this site, then I can concentrate on the music! Thanks for stopping by!