Friday, December 09, 2005

Sadat X is a true veteran in the hiphop game! When Sadat got down with his partners in crime, Lord Jamar and Grand Puba to form the trio, Brand Nubian, they made several classic tracks in the early 90's! Who could forget cuts like, "Slow Down," and "Punks Jump Up To Get Beatdown!" Sadat is back with his latest solo release titled, "Experience & Education" in hopes of bringing just that. Somtimes it's hard to see some of our veteran hiphop heros falling off in the later years, as they refuse to leave the game! I am happy to say that Sadat X hasn't lost a beat when it comes to delivery, charisma, and wordplay on his latest venture! On the production side of things Sadat has gathered a variety of top notch producers to bring the heat with the likes of Diamond D, Ge-ology, DJ Spinna, Agallah, and Minnesota! Don't sleep on this album! Checkout the links above to hear some samples from this album.

1) God Is Back (listen)
2) What Did I Do?
3) The Daily News
4) Back To New York
5) Come On Down (Remix) feat. Money Boss Players
6) The Great Diamond D feat. Heltah Skeltah
7) Interlude
8) What Don't Ya? feat. Edo G.
9) Help Yourself
10) Have A Good Life
11) Creep
12) Ge-ology Beat feat. Gina Vegas
13) Shout feat. Agallah
14) Stack Up feat. Agallah
15) Shine feat. Money Boss Players
16) NY Fanfare (Outro)


Honey said...

Congrats on the new blog! You are already doing it big...but then again I knew you would ;)

SoundNexx said...

Honey: I'm! Now, I am getting that itch again I had when ran previous web sites in the past for work! It's all good tho... Thanks for the encouragement! :)