Thursday, December 03, 2009

Here is another up and coming young crooner for all you R&B fans out there. Everywhere you look these days there are male singers galore. A small few are great, many are average and most are cookie-cutter clones trying to make a quick buck. I feel most of these young singers are trying to follow in Usher's footsteps, who actually developed his style watching legends like Michael Jackson (RIP). Shamone-nah, I know that I am not the only one that feels that way. However, just recently I heard a track called "Get To Know Me" by a new singer/musician named Mateo. The song actually had a traditional musical feel to it. It's a simple track, but very effective. Mateo plays the piano on the joint, which is rare by today's standards.

If you are interested, I recommend reading Mateo's lengthy bio on his Myspace page. It discusses his journey up to this point and it's a good read. Without further delay, please put eyes on the video that inspired this post:

Get more information on Mateo and download his latest mixtape "Underneath The Sky" at then stop through if you want more.

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