Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Remember the name Daru Beats! Why? Well, because the guy is still on the come up and he is straight FIRE with the beats. His unorthodoxed style of production has me hooked like a druggie, and I am not too proud to admit it either dammit! What I dig most about this kat is that he has true love for music and his craft, plus he's from Michigan. I also appreciate how Daru shows love to his soul singing sister Rena by lacing her with some of his hottest beats. If you've been listening to my mixxes for any length of time then you already know who she is. Unfortunately, Daru is an unknown to many, but it is time for folks to pay attention and take note. If you are unfamiliar, get familiar. You can start by putting ears on Daru's new compilation album "Spirit & Soul-Hop Sampler 09" available for free download.
Go to this web site: and grab it!
The track list is available at the web site...

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Daru For Rusic said...

Thx SoundNexx for showing love also the positivity.. much respect and Blessings to ya 1ness