Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Clear your music mind before you begin this journey into the Jacksoul movement. Remember, SOUL music comes in different shapes, sounds, flavors and colors. Meet Haydain Neale and the Jacksoul band. Haydain was a musician from Ontario, Canada and lead singer of the Jacksoul band. Jacksoul's musical sound reminds me of a Seal and Van Hunt combination. The band delivers acoustic type grooves while Haydain delivered raw vocals. Canada is a buffet when it comes to various styles of music, and you definitely hear that diversity when you listen to Jacksoul doing their thing. They just released their fourth album entitled “SOULmate” a few days ago, but I only discovered them about three months ago. I still haven’t checked their previous releases, but I will soon enough.

Sadly, the group’s lead singer Hayden Neale lost his life to lung cancer back in November of this year. Fans were saddened by his death, but happy to have one last recording to cherish.

If you are listening out for something different from the norm, checkout Haydain & Jacksoul and hear what you think. You can hear songs from their new album on the web site.

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