Monday, December 28, 2009

It’s good to see the soul singer Darien Brockington a.k.a D-Brock back on the music scene again. I remember seeing this kat perform live with Little Brother, Yahzarah and Dwele a few years back just before his debut album dropped. It was at a small intimate club around my way (Detroit), which was a perfect setting for experiencing good soul music. I got to chance to chat it up with Darien prior to his performance, and he seemed a bit nervous. He obviously put the jitters behind him because he came to the stage and ripped it. He actually showed us his comedic side a couple of times during his performance. Darien stopped the music in the middle of a couple songs, and asking different people in the audience what they thought about his music. The funniest part about him playfully interrogating the audience was that he was actually serious. He wanted some honest feedback. You’ve got to love that! His humble approach to making and performing his music is actually his greatest asset. Plus, his music is hot too!

I have good news for D-Brock fans. On December 29th (tomorrow) Mr. Brockington will be dropping his new mixtape “The Cold Case Files” for the masses to hear. It’s full of tracks that D-Brock has been working on over the last couple of years. Even though he’s been traveling around the world with the super-group Foreign Exchange, he was still able to create some new music.

You can grab the new mixtape at

Peep his classic track "Beautiful" below:

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