Thursday, November 01, 2007

While the powers that be consistently try to pigeonhole artists by labeling them and placing them into genres that they don’t belong, the artist known as Prefuse 73 has somehow avoided that. His name is Guillermo Scott Herren and Prefuse 73 is only one of the many stage names that he uses when making his unique brand of music. Honestly, I have been listening to this artist’s music for years and I never really knew what to call it. Is it hip-hop, funk, electronica, rock, soul or what? The answer is yes, because Prefuse 73 uses all of the above. The preferred name of this type of music called “glitch.” The definition is glitch music is a sub-genre of electronica that eschews traditional instrumentation, while using mechanized and non-natural sounds, while putting rhythm as a focal point. I like the Prefuse vibe because most of his music is up-tempo with a mixture of hypnotic rhythms and baselines.

Prefuse 73 is back with a latest release “Preparations” that dropped back in October, and it’s full of that goodness that his fans have come to appreciate. If you have never been exposed to Prefuse 73 before until now, make sure you check out some of his previous albums like “Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives” ~ “92 vs. 02 Collection” and “Surrounded by Silence” as well. Those joints should bring you up to speed nicely. Talk about some crazy instrumentation!

Check out this cut "Pomade Suite Version One" and hear what you think. Let me know if you're feeling it or not...

Check his Myspace page too:

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Fred-A-Stare said...

I'm a big fan of Prefuse 73! I like this album just like the rest. Thanks for giving this guy some recognition on your site.

P.S. I like this place a lot!!