Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just yesterday I was telling my dude PD that when it comes to Southern rappers there are two katz that are currently at the top of my greatest emcee list! An there names are Phonte Coleman (Little Brother) and Andre 3000 (Outkast)! My boy PD made a great point about Andre when he said that 3000 has never spit a wack verse on a record. That's a very bold statement, but I definitely agree. I feel that way when it comes to Phonte as well. Both artists are always clever with their wordplay, punchlines, and lyrical content, plus both of them have that confident swagger that's necessary to be great! Is it a coincidence that both of these dudes can sing? I would love to see these two go at in a serious rap battle because I think it would go down in the history books. If I had to choose between them, I would have to go with Phonte based on the fact that I have actually met and talked extensively with this kat when they came to Detroit a while back. As far as all of the rappers that I have personally met over my years, Phonte is one of the coolest katz out of them all.

That's because even though Phonte is definitely serious about his craft, he's very humble and he sincerely appreciates his fans. He's just a regular dude that can rap and sing pretty damn good! The craziest thing about Phonte is that he's a true fan of hip-hop music. Five minutes into our conversation before his set, we got on the subject about who our top 5 emcees were. That's a typical conversation for real hip-hop heads by the way. I won't repeat his top emcees list, but he seemed very shocked when I revealed that he was on my top 10 emcee list? Phonte could tell that I wasn't blowing smoke up his you know what just because he was standing there in front of me. He could tell that I was serious, so he immediately extended me his hand for some well deserved dappage and thanked me for the love! Being from Detroit, I don't think Phonte initially realized that I knew that much about his music let alone to have him on my top emcees list. Real recognize real so it was cool exchanging some extensive verbage with that kat. If you haven't already and you get that chance to catch Little Brother live be sure to check them out. It's a very entertaining event especially when Darien Brockington and Yahzarah are with them handling the vocals.

Recently, my favorite soul blogger and friend Honey over at Honeysoul.com conducted an interview with Phonte after a Little Brother concert in Houston. During this exclusive interview Phonte talks about 9th Wonder's departure, leaking the latest Little Brother album and his upcoming musical projects for 2008. Check out that interview here: PHONTE INTERVIEW ON HONEYSOUL

Shout out to Honey for kicking it with me at the Soul Tracks Award Show a couple of weekends ago!

I have decided to share a Phonte mega-mixx of some of my favorite Phonte musical moments. This one is from my personal stash, so take it for what it is. I call this musical collage "The Phontigallo Phavorites Mixx" and it's finally available for you folks to kopp it!


Phontigallo Mixx Track list:

01-just because (with Jack Davey)
02-real good (with Yahzarah)
03-whatever you want (with Jazzy Jeff & Big Pooh)
04-dillagence (with DJ Spinna)
06-always something (with Selan)
07-take on me (with Zo)
08-rollerskating (with Yahzarah)
09-steppin' out (with Zo)
10-4 everyday (with Liquid Spirits)
11-paper chaser (with Playaz Circle)
12-can't let hef (with Big Pooh)
13-so lovely
14-road trip (with Critically Acclaimed)
16-soul clap remix (with US and Jean Grae)
18-nic's groove remix (with Nicolay and Big Pooh)
19-africa (with Zo)
20-rise (with Strange Fruit and Big Pooh)

Check out this Detroit meets North Carolina collaboration:

Phonte and Zo - Take On Me (Video)


Anonymous said...

Phonte is super talented, rapping,song writing & singing. The ultimate triple threat. Andre 3000 is that dude though. The Art of Storytelling Part 4 proves that without a doubt

SoundNexx DJ said...

I agree! Actually, that Storytelling Pt. 4 joint was the spark of the conversation that occurred between me and my boy. That's classic 3000! I hope he does an album with that vibe all the way through it. Hip-Hop needs that...

Unkel Rich said...

Phonte is the shit..period!

Anonymous said...

OMG THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!