Sunday, November 18, 2007


I have been a Nasty Nas fan since his "Live at the BBQ" and "Halftime" days. He's always had a different swagger compared to his peers, and that's why I feel he's remained relevant for so many years. Recently, I have been getting asked by several people what I think about Nas naming his new album "Nigger?" Personally, I feel that Nas always has a plan whenever he gets into his controveral mode. I think it's unfair to judge this project solely based on its name alone. When I finally hear this album the way Nas intended us to I will then make my final conclusion. I appreciate the fact that Nas is willing to take on this topic when he really doesn't have to as an artist. Some feel that the release of this album will be career suicide for Nas, but I beg to differ. No matter how you feel personally about the album title or the word itself, the reality is that folks are talking about it and with that I think Nas has already met his short term goal.

Check out this clip below where Nas explains to a news woman about his reasoning for the controversial album title:

The funniest thing to me is trying to visualize the faces on the non-blacks that ask for the new Nas album at the music store....

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