Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why does the name Cheri Dennis sound so familiar? It’s familiar because the young lady has been playing the background at the Bad Boy record label since 1999! Puff Daddy has been notorious for stagnating several artists’ musical careers over the years, so just add Ms. Dennis to that lengthy list. Cheri started out singing hooks on a couple of tracks showcased on Mase’s first album. I didn’t take notice of her abilities until I heard the track “So Complete” off of Puffy’s “The Saga Continues…” album. Then all of sudden it seemed like she disappeared from the music scene like those other three girls from Missy Elliott’s original R&B group Sista! I wrote her off and then suddenly out of no where in 2005 Cheri releases a new single entitled “I Love You,” which I thought was pretty hot. I saw the music video and everything, so I was tricked into believing that Cheri was on the come up finally? Wrong! She vanished once again, but now she back in 2007. I have been sent several tracks from her upcoming album “In and Out of Love,” which was supposed to be released in the fourth quarter of 2007. Well, I was recently informed that her album was pushed back to February 2008? Her management team obviously wants the Cheri Dennis album release to be a successful one, so they are working really hard at promoting it.

I am not sure when this album will finally drop, but I have provided you folks with an opportunity to check out the sounds for yourselves and hear what you think! Personally, I am diggin’ the joint, so put your ears on it and give it a listen below.


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CJ said...

I've been following her career (if that's what we call it at this point) for a while now too. In case you wanted to know, her album is only available through itunes right now (the first major label act to do that) and the physical album will drop in Feb. (but knowing Diddy, probably not.)