Monday, May 14, 2007

For those of you that may not know, Stones Throw Records is one of my favorite underground record labels in the game right now. Plenty of my favorite musical artists call Stones Throw home like Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf, Oh No and M.F. Doom. Today, I wanted to shine a little light on two new albums coming from the Stones Throw camp. First up is my sista from another motha Georgia Anne Muldrow. I did post on her awhile back when she released her two projects "The Worthnothings EP" and "Olesi: Fragments of an Earth" in 2006. I will be the first to admit that Georgia is an acquired taste when it comes to her unorthodoxed style, but with a few good listens it's not hard to understand why she has such a cult like following. Her lastest project "Sagala" is no exception either. It's even more funkily-stranger than her previous works, but I still dig it! Georgia is expressing herself under an alter-ego named Pattie Blingh on the new album though. Miss Muldrow handled all of the duties this time around from writing to producing all of the tracks. Trying to classify this album in just one category is nearly impossible without doing it some injustice, so many just call it experimental. The album was released on May 8th, so if you want something to challenge your eardrums give Pattie Blingh a listen. If you like artists like Eska, Muhsinah, Sa-Ra Creative Partners and Plantlife, I think you will probably like this album. If you have never heard any of those artists I mentioned I would encourage you to do so, but I won't blame you if you keep it moving though.


The next project I want to speak on is older, but new to most because of it's long awaited release. The artists known by James Yancey a.k.a Jay Dee a.k.a J Dilla's (R.I.P) project "Jay Loves Japan" is finally being officially released on June 5th! If you are a Dilla fan, then you must add this piece of musical history to your collection as well. I am pretty biased when it comes to Jay Dee because I am a native Detroiter, plus I have been following his music career since his very early underground days. No matter how you spin it, Dilla was a definite genius when it came to making music for the masses. His ear for diverse samples and sound is pretty much unmatched in comparison, plus he could damn near play every instrument that he put his hands on. Jay Dee was the total package, and he will truly be missed. I'm just glad that Dilla has plenty of music that can be released to keep his memory alive and well. I'm quite sure Dilla can't hang with Tupac when it comes to albums released after death, but nobody can really? So, if you've never heard of this album until now, get excited and get your money ready. If you knew about this joint or have already downloaded it from some undisclosed web site last year, get your money ready too dammit! Mrs. Yancey (Dilla's mother) is still trying to pay for those expensive medical bills that Dilla left behind, so help a sister out by making the purchase. Hopefully, in the near future Stone Throw will be releasing the infamous "MCA" album that everyone keeps talking about?


Checkout the Jay Dee "Ruff Draft Chronicles" clips below...

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