Friday, May 25, 2007

I'll be the first person to admit that I am an ole' skool kat at heart when it comes to how I enjoy my music. Technology has provided us with so many options to obtain music these days that it's getting pretty crazy. From mp3 players to satellite radio, music is at your fingertips like never before in 2007! Yes, I have an iPOD, but I only use it when I workout in most cases. No mp3 player in my car though. To this day my main source of listening to music is burning CDs, which in 2007 is falling into the old school category? Even when I buy a CD, I still have to burn the songs I like the most on a blank CD in the order I like them. That compilation CD follows me to my car where I can give the songs a full uninterrupted listen while I travel around the city. Playing burned CDs is definitely not as retro as playing cassette tapes like my homegirl Honeysoul has in her whip, but it dayum close in some folks view? Even though CDs are all over my vehicle, I will still continue to burn CD compilations until I can't anymore. Also, if you haven't noticed by now all of my mixes are just small enough to fit on a black CD-R, and that is done on purpose. Even though I am one mix away from being the iPOD KING, I still hope some of you are actually burning these mixes on a CD for your listening pleasure??

If you haven't checked your calendar recently, Memorial Day is Monday. Rememberance is important! Here in Detroit and many other cities around America this weekend is huge when it comes to having barbeques and outside parties. I don't cook for the holiday, but I dayum sure get my eat on though! For black folks music is a big part of any gathering, so today I've uploaded a mixx that I think is pretty fitting for such an occasion. This mixx incorporates melodic grooves from now and then that should definitely make your eardrums smile. Outside of being backyard BBQ ready, this mixx is also perfect for an evening drive on a warm night with the windows down. If you're a rich biddy with a convertible, put the top down too. This kind of soul music will make the drive that much better. Give this mixx a listen and hear what you think.


01->SoundNexxtro Intro
02->Make Love Last Forever - Michael Bohannon
03->Will You Be Mine - Anita Baker
04->Family Reunion - Jill Scott
05->Family Reunion - The O'Jays
06->Back In The Day - Erykah Badu
07->Remind Me - Patrice Rushen
08->Golden Time of Day - Maze
09->For The Love of You - The Isley Brothers
10->Ladies Night - R. Kelly
11->Rhythm of Life - Kindred The Family Soul
12->Insatiable Woman - Isley Jasper Isley
13->Two of Us - Tweet
14->Look At What You Done For Me - Al Green
15->After The Dance - Marvin Gaye
16->That Girl - Stevie Wonder
17->Can't Hide Love - Earth, Wind & Fire


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SupremeAntBee said...

Thanks for the mixx, I always enjoy them!