Thursday, May 03, 2007

I don't think that there is one person on this planet that hasn't thought about pairing two of their favorite people together to make the ultimate dream team? Two individuals that are great by themselves sharing the same space. For instance...I have often wondered what magic may have surfaced if the kung-fu legends Bruce Lee and Jet Li were able to make a movie together? I've even invisioned the Human Beat Box and Rahzel doing a track together. Giant Robot and Ultraman working together to stop Tokyo, Japan from being detroyed by them stankin' azz monsters! Jaylib (Madlib & Jay Dee) is definitely one of those dream teams that actually became an unforeseen reality, which was a plus for all true hip-hop lovers. When they finally released the official album "Champion Sound" in 2003 the underground was buzzing! Did it live up to the hype? Personally, I think it did! The idea of them rapping over each others beats was genius. The craziest part of the whole Jaylib movement was the fact that there were actually three versions of this project floating around internet. The first was the original version that was actually scrapped due to internet leaks. The second version was a bunch of unreleased Jaylib tracks that were basically left on the cutting room floor, but like a good criminal somebody got they're hands on those babies and leaked them onto the internet as well. Am I supposed to be mad about that? Then there was the official version, which some say was the weaker of the three versions?

In rememberance of J Dilla's passing the "Champion Sound" album is being re-issued once again on May 8, 2007! The re-issued version has included a bonus disc full of rare, instrumental, unreleased and remixed Jaylib tracks for hip-hop fans to appreciate. Now that Jay Dee a.k.a J Dilla has passed on this Jaylib collaboration will forever remain in hip-hop history, so I guess you can consider this a collector's item. If you downloaded the album the first time, make sure you buy this version. If for some odd reason you have never heard the Jaylib album, first slap yourself in the face real, real hard and then go make the purchase on May 8th! You'll be very glad you did dammit! Support good music.....

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Jaylib - Live in The London Jazz Cafe'

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