Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's been a long time since I've done one of these EAR TEST mixes! It's about that time again. For those of you that haven't been coming through this blog that long, the EAR TEST mixes are where I showcase more of the obscure hip-hop, soul, electronica & whatever else I like. Some may call it eccentric, while others may feel it's hot garbage? It all comes down to personal choices, just like the "he-she" that is seen in the picture on the left. After laughing my azz off, I realized that this picture and my mix have a lot in common. Let's break it down shale we? Of course we shale! Okay, since I don't know he-she's real name I will just call him/her Willamina! Lets start from the top. Notice how deliberately Willamina rocked the Charlie's Angels styled blonde wig with a full beard that would even make the rapper Freeway proud! I think Willamina is showing a since of "BALANCE" with the combination of excessive hair on the head and the face. I tried to keep some "BALANCE" in the music of this mix as well. Also, I think Willamina was definitely paying overdue homage to the Cowardly Lion from the negroe cult classic entitled "The Wiz" from 1979 as well. You gotta love that! Who said we can't have Halloween in May dammit?

Next up is the outfit. I think this is where things start to come together actually? Willamina is obviously a fan of the "VINTAGE" look. Another keyword that describes my mix. I really enjoy sharing "VINTAGE" tracks from yester-year that may have been forgotten or totally overlooked. Wow! I can appreciate how Willamina took that "11 year-old girl from the projects back in 1982" look and made it his/her own. The knobby-knees with that slight hint of ashiness just brings this look home for me. The only thing missing is a Cherry Blow Pop and a warm cup of red Kool-Aid to make this look complete. That "standing by the school hallway locker pose" Willamina's in just adds lots of flavor well, which is really the icing on the cupcake in my personal opinion!

As we all know an outfit is nothing without a fresh pair of kicks (shoes)...right? Instead of going with a red, pink or yellow trendy boot, Willamina decided to be "DARING" by wearing a silver Village People style cowgirl boot instead! I tried to be "DARING" by going against the wood grain when I chose the songs for this mix. Not too daring though because some of you just ain't ready yet. Unfortunately, I don't think that those silver pleather type cowgirl boots really compliment the ghetto girl one piece outfit actually? It clashes too dayum much, plus they have that "I've been rockin' these for awhile" look to them as well. Next time go with a more stylish boot more of a stiletto heel with a better choice in color. Prince has been rockin' stiletto heels with his nicely pressed polyestor-rayon blends for years, so take a fashion tip from the master Willa! Overall, I give Willamina's whole look 2 thumbs down! I wish I had 2 sets of hands so that I could give this mess 4 thumbs down dammit!!

Okay, even though this photo and my mix have a few things in common, there is still one major difference between the two. Willamina's whole style sucks, but this mix doesn't? Well, I hope so anyway....


01>J Dilla - Diamonds
02>Havana - Yeah
03>Jazzy Jeff feat. CL Smooth - All I Know
04>Juggaknots - Romper Room
05>Funkytown Pros - Just Another Toss Up
06>Erykah Badu - Today
07>Pharcyde - Emerald Butterfly
08>Steve Spacek - Without U (J Dilla Remix)
09>P.U.T.S - L.A. Song (Sensative Remix)
10>Fat Jon - Interlude
11>Madlib - Young Warrior (Remix)
12>DJ Spinna feat. Heavy - We Can Change This World
13>Soulive - Cash's Dream (DJ Spinna Remix)
14>A Tribe Called Quest - Go Ahead An Rain
15>Musiq Soulchild - Millionaire
16>Polyrhythm Addicts - Thoughts of You


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