Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where do you stand when it comes to sampling music? I know plenty of old school katz that feel the sampling phase really sucks. That's mainly because music has lost some of its originality because of it? I can agree with that to an extent, but in some cases I like hearing some of my old favorite tunes being chopped and looped with a new school twist. Since, most of the newer producers in the game today can't play any real instruments, sampling is the next best thing. Like it or not, everybody in the music game has sampled something at one time or another. The true crate diggers in the game searches for the most rare and obscure records to sample from to keep everyone guessing about the original track. There seems to be a competition amongst the major producers in the world to find the rarest sounds known to man. I am impressed with producers like Questlove, Dr. Dre & Pete Rock that have these enormous music collections full of vintage vinyl. It shows the dedication to their craft, plus the love they have for the music to invest so much into it.

Personally, I have been fascinated with the old school music from 70s and 80s for the majority of my life, so I have heard most of the obvious soul samples that are being used in hip-hop today for the most part. Some of the samples are distorted and chopped so finely that it doesn't register to my ears at first, but after a few listens I normally can figure it out. I often get asked by folks if I know what sample is being used in a particular song, so I decided to put together a post where I share some of these samples for you to enjoy. Below, I have posted some popular rap tracks and the sample that was used to make the beat. Some will be obvious at the first listen, while others may be more difficult to pick out? Take a listen to these and hear what you think.

Jay-Z - Encore uses a sample from: John Holt - I Will

Nas - The World Is Yours uses a sample from: Ahmad Jamal - I Love Music

Jay-Z - Takeover uses a sample from: The Doors - Five To One

Ghostface - Shakey Dog uses a sample from: The Dells - I Can Sing A Rainbow

Little Brother - Lovin' It uses a sample from: The Stylistics - One Night Affair

Okay, can you guess what artist(s) and song used this sample??

Booker T & The MGs - Children Don't Get Wear

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