Monday, February 12, 2007

Does anyone really care that
St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner? I don't, but there are plenty of people that do. This holiday has lost many of it's traditional values over the years, but the most important part has remained. It's the celebration of L-O-V-E! I don't think you need a holiday to show someone you love them. That should go on all year long dammit! Society has deemed Valentine's Day as the perfect time to show the person that you like or love how much you really care? It seems to be more of financial gouging of the public for businesses to make a profit? Valentine's Day can get pretty expensive if you are not careful. Taking time out of your day to purchase mushy cards, pretty flowers, tasty chocolates, expensive dinners and other lavish gifts can add up. All in the name of love dammit! Just to see that big smile on your mates face in hopes that they will forgive you for all of the crap you'll do wrong for the rest of the year. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't, but the reality is V-Day is tailored for folks that have someone special in their lives. I really think that sucks actually. Single people are totally overlooked. Some single people purchase goodies for themselves to fill the empty void, pretending that it doesn't matter. Have you ever heard someone say, "I am so happy being by myself?" Yeah, whatever! I personally believe that EVERYONE wants to have someone special to enjoy their lives with, even when they swear that they don't. Companionship is a human desire, so why wouldn't you want someone special in your life? The only reason people say that they don't won't or need anyone is because it's usually easier to deal with the reality of their current situation? Wanting someone to love and not having anyone really sucks, so using reverse psychology can help in some cases? I know plenty of people that fall into that "loveless"category.

Folks that have real love in their lives usually look forward to V-Day, but there are plenty others that despise it! For all of you lovebirds out there that are overly ecstatic about February 14th arriving in a couple of days, there are others that wish Cupid would just fall out of the sky and die already! It's sad, but damn sure true. The reality is even when you are in a relationship with someone it is not always a wonderful experience. People suck sometimes! Your lover can be your worst enemy? Pushing your buttons just because they can, never taking the trash out until it starts to stink, burning your favorite shirt with the iron or cheating on you with your father! Ooohh, the suffering! Sometimes relationships are a downhill & prickly slide into Hell's abyss, but yet you remain in it miserable and on the verge of committing a homicide. Why? Well maybe you have children, lots of time invested, financial ties or you may feel like you can't do any better? My favorite reason for staying is, they're mate will eventually change for the better! No they won't dammit, so smarten up! Some folks like drama though. A dysfunctional relationship feels like home to some people. A hard punch to the face can be just as loving as a luscious kiss on the lips to some people? Whatever floats your boat? In any case V-Day can be a terrible reminder of how lonely or unhappy you really are. It can't be over fast enough!

While the rest of the world has totally forgotten about the folks that have serious turmoil in their relationships, I haven't! I decided to go against the grain. I put together a few tracks that remove the glossy honeymoon phase of relationships, and cuts to the raw emotions of getting along with someone. It's not easy being in a true relationship, and it takes hard work to keep it going. There are plenty of ups and downs. If you ever have or thought about cheating on, using, leaving, cursing the hell out of, or beating the snot out of your mate then this mix is for you. There are plenty of classic drama filled tracks on here, but I couldn't totally ignore the true lovebirds either. So, I ended the mix with some of my favorite uplifting love songs to even things out a little. All of these tracks are from the male perspective....

I hopith thou enjoyith!


01 - Vikter Duplaix - Another Great Love Gone
02 - Bilal - Sometimes
03 - Erro - Obstacles
04 - Musiq - Where Are You Going
05 - Dwele - Caught Up
06 - Vinnie - Trouble
07 - Van Hunt - Down Here In Hell (With You)
08 - Carl Thomas - I Wish
09 - Usher - Truth Hurts
10 - Darien Brockington - Love Is Gone
11 - Jaheim - Back Tight
12 - 112 - Intro
13 - Musiq - Her
14 - Anthony Hamilton - In Love With You
15 - Erro - So Much In Store
16 - Darien Brockington - Lovers & Friends/Come Over
17 - Jon B - Before It's Gone


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