Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I am a true Musiq fan! Not only has he remained very consistant over the years, but he has his own style when it comes to soul music. His songs remain catchy without sounding annoyingly bubblicious. I still remember the first time I saw him live back in Denver, Colorado while he was touring with Erykah Badu. Back then no one knew who he was, so when he was on stage no one really cared? Even with no one looking at the stage, Musiq ripped it! I was impressed by his enthusiasm and energy on stage. Several years later Musiq is a household name when it comes to soul music. He has released several dope albums over the years, but has yet to receive the recognition that he deserves (kinda like Jon B). I never find myself hitting the skip button when I am listening to one of his albums unlike most of the stuff I come across.

It's been approximately four years since Musiq's last album release "Soulstar" back in 2003. He's about to release his new album "Luvanmusic" on March 13th! The hot single "Buddy" is already making some serious moves on the radio and video scene. I have been on so many sites where folks (yung whippasnappaz) are saying the original sample for the "Buddy" track is from De La Soul? Yes, De La did a track back in the day with the same title and even used the same sample. Unbeknownst to many people, De La is not the true originator of that beat. The beat was sampled from a song called "Heartbeat" that was sung by Taana Gardner back in the 1980s! Here a sample of the original Heartbeat track here. It's a great song by the way, so add it to your collection if you can.

Now, that you know when Musiq's new album is coming out...check this out:

Oh yeah....and this too dammit!!



BennyBlanco said...

Looking forward to this, wasn't really happy with his last effort, lacked the consistency of his previous work and didn't really have a standout, ie, time and just friends

SoundNexx said...

@Benny - Even though I enjoyed the his last project, I totally understand what you mean when it comes to consistency. Judging fromt he first single off of his new joint, it seems like things are back to normal once again? We'll know shortly!