Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who doesn't know Eric Roberson a.k.a Erro by now?? If you think you like soul music and you don't know him by now, then shame on you dammit! Erro is to soul music what jock is to itch and Bruce Lee is to kung-fu. U feel me yet? "More wasabee Mister Wee?" Honestly, at this point in his career..Erro should be a mega-star by now, but he gave up the unsure promise of fame to have total control over his musical destiny. That was a wise move in my opinion. At the beginning of his career he was signed and dropped from several major record labels. Through those trials and tribulations he was unable to release any of his music, which was his main purpose for getting into the business in the first place. Basically, he was shelved while other major artists were pushed ahead of him. Realizing that he was doomed if he left things as they were, he decided to break free from his label oppressors and start up his own independent label. Every since then Erro has been making plenty of successful moves to get his name out to the masses. I think he tours about 6 months out of the year for the last 5 years, so I am quite sure he has been in or near your city at one time or another. He puts on a helluva concert too and because of that he has a very strong fan following. He honestly appreciates his fanbase though, unlike some other artists that I have come across over my music loving years. After conversing with him during one of his shows here in Detroit, I quickly realized that he is a pretty down to earth kat with a decent sense of humor. He'll talk about you like a dawg if you come to one of his shows with some busted gear on too! Erro is definitely the whole package when it comes to being an entertainer? I haven't seen him dance yet, but I'm quite sure he can shake a tailfeather if he's put to the test. All brothas have a little rhythm in their soul. Atleast, that's what I've been told anyway?

I have personally enjoyed all of Eric Roberson's projects over the years, but I must say that his new "..Left" album is one my favorites at this point. Mr. Roberson is not pushing the soul envelope with this project, but he seems to have perfected his own soulful sound this time around. This album flows like a stream in the summertime. It feels like he's telling a long story, which is refreshing to hear these days. Erro has also stepped his guest appearances game up on this album with help from Algebra Blessett(you'll know her soon) Phonte (Little Brother) and Curt Chambers! He also got some of the hottest producers in the game today to lace the tracks too! Can you say Kev Brown, DJ Spinna, James Poyser and J Dilla (R.I.P)..... You got to love that!! This album may just push Erro's career to the next level? Support quality music people!!

Eric Roberson is an independent artist, so the chances of you finding his music in your local music stores are slim to none! Luckily, you can order his albums directly from his website for very reasonable prices.

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