Friday, February 09, 2007

I recently had a discussion with a couple of my peeps about this topic, so I thought I'd share some of my feelings on the subject with you good folks! I'm taking a break from the music for just a moment to address this hot topic that seems to be plaguing the blog world! Topic: The lack of or dismal amounts of comments left by visitors for these hard working bloggers? How many times have you gone to a blog and glanced your eyes past the comments number below the post you just read and saw a big fat azz ZERO (0)?? Hell, if you come here enough you have seen it plenty of times. For all of you non-blogger types that don't have a clue, plenty of my fellow bloggers take that shyt real personal? It's like a slap in the face to some, and even an e-form of disrespect to others. I have concluded that unless you are running a gossip/entertainment news type of blog where the motor mowfed type folks hang out to discuss the latest scoops, the comment area on most blogs is going to be pretty weak. There are some exceptions though. Take a blog that has free music downloads of your favorite albums and mixtapes available. The few comments that they get are from visitors dropping a quick "thank you" (maybe), begging for more music or bitching about a link that is inoperable. This leaves many bloggers frustrated because they normally feel like they have invested plenty of work into their blog for visitors to enjoy, but yet no one seems to have time to leave a decent comment?

Most bloggers put in a substantial chunk of their personal time to run a decent blog. So, when a blogger provides the goodies (video clips, music downloads, essays, etc.) he or she wants to be recognized for that in many cases. Instead, they are left feeling like they have been ignored and violated by the ungrateful-leechers that just come on their blog, shop for free and leave without even saying goodbye! Some bloggers desire plenty of praise and attention for what little they may do, so without it their self-esteem can start to deteriorate. The saddest shyt ever is when a blogger starts begging for comments or threatening to stop blogging if more comments aren't left! It's like watching a drug addict trying to get that next fix with no money. I've even seen where bloggers have tried to extort funds from their visitors with statements like "Click on my paypal account link and show me some financial appreciation or else!" That type of stuff sickens me! Nobody makes a person start a blog, so if you don't want to do it then DON'T dammit! Just stop all of the blog bytching and moaning because nobody owes you anything. Just be grateful that one person took the time out of their day to click over to your blog in the first place. Be nice to them and they might just come back again? If you need visitor comments or money to validate who you are or what your blog is providing, then maybe the problem is you and not your visitors? Take a look at the person in the monitor Michael Jackson...

For me this blogging stuff is not that dayum serious!! I don't give a hot damn about my visitors consistantly leaving me comments on this blog. Yes, I definitely appreciate it when it is done, but honestly I totally understand why many folks don't do it. I don't judge how well my blog is doing by counting how many comments I get. Just because another blog gets pluthers of comments a day from visitors doesn't mean that their blog is any better. I would be a total hypocrite if I pretended that I always leave comments when I visit another blog. When I discover a great blog that I have never visited before, I will normally leave a comment stating that I dig their blog or a little chitter-chat about the latest topic (only when I want to). Personally, I didn't start this blog to become an e-celebrity in my own mind or for folks to praise me for the work I put in. I get enough love and joy from my real friends and family, so I don't need a blog to fill that void like many other obviously do. I originally started this blog because one of my homegirls (Honeysoul) encouraged me to start one, plus I wanted to reach out to my homies that love music as much as I do. I decided to join Honey and a few others e-soldiers on this crusade to shine some needed light on the truly great music that exists, but rarely gets heard. This blog crusade has hopefully enlightened many folks about the number of quality music choices that are available and provided these dope artists with more fans. It's all about the music for me.

Here is my final conclusion on this matter. Even though many of you visitors don't leave comments, I know you come here on the regular gathering information and great music. Even though you don't think I see you, I do. Most of you email me your feedback about the topics and ask questions about all kinds of stuff. I'm cool with that. I have no complaints. This blog has allowed me to meet plenty of cool celebs, make some good friends and learn a lot more about music as a whole. To all my visitors whether you leave a comment or not, thanks for stopping through because I know you don't have 2!

Dayum, this was a long winded ass post! I had to speak on this though (real talk), so now I can get back to the music you all need and love.

Also, for all of you illiterate and non-reading suckaz that didn't take the time to view this indepth literature, I have a sound clip coming with me narrating this whole essay word for word! So, hold your breath and be patient. Come on now, would I lie to you????


DMecca7 said...

You know I appreciate all that you do J, you opened me up to quite a few artist that I probably would have never thought about checking for, and I check your site out all the time. I also never hesitate to let others know about what your doing and pass on the blog address. Keep up the good work man.


Cleff said...

I have been enjoying this site for awhile now, and this is my first comment. I'll admit, I am pretty shitty when it comes to leaving comments. I guess I'm lazy. I'll try to be better though. Thanks for your spin on the matter.

Keep up the good stuff too.

Darkwing said...

I'm guilty of not being a frequent blog poster, but your blog deserves a mention. While there are a lot of blogs out there, SoundNexx stands out. Whether it's the custom mixes that you put together or informing me about that next great artist (your picks are always on point), I know that I can come to SoundNexx for solid music information. Keep up the GREAT work!

Babylonsista said...

I've been lurking at this site at least a few time a week for over a year now. You leave nothing unsaid so I sit here and nod my head in agreement and sometime I answer you out loud, like you know I'm doing that. I downloaded that bad azz back2soul mix the other day. N-E way, thank for sharing your love of the music, keepnthe party goin! Peace and love from Newport News, VA.

SoulOvaHere said...

Even though there seems to thousands of blogs these days, there are only a few worth coming to on the regular. This is one of them! It's one my favorites because of the information and music that you provide. I have never thanked you for making my music experience better, so I will do it now. THANKS! I realize that you do great work here, and it is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Mr Soundnexx
I too am one of those lazy people who does not leave comments but i know im not alone.I know it sounds bad but we all are after music for free,sorry Sharing,for those tracks/albums we have been searching for only to find you have saved us the hassle.I have been hooked on your site after my personal friend Secret Garden put me on to you and you have downloaded your mixes and keep them on my Archos player.True what you said about spreading the music to one and all,as it opens up everyones mind,you do it for the love and not the fame or money,as in some cases.Keep up the great things and them mixes !! And if im after that elusive track in one of your mixes,you know i will be e-mailing you again for more info where i can buy it....Thanks again.
Jerry from London,England

SoundNexx said...

@DMecca - As you already know, that what I started this blog to do! Thanks for coming thru on the regular and showing support.

@Cleff - I'm glad you finally came out of hiding to leave a comment. I won't hold it against you though..LOL!

@Darkwing - Thanks for the kind words! I will definitely try to keep it going.

@Babylonsista - I'm glad you like that mix! I really dig those tracks. Thanks for stopping thru and finally hollering at cha boy!:)

@Soulovahere - Thanks for the words playa! Dayum, you actually read the stuff I write..LOL?

@Mr. Jerry (Anonymous) - I think I have gotten several emails from you already? Thanks for stopping thru. I enjoy the music, so this blog gives me an opportunity to express my feelings with the world.

Thanks to everyone that posted a comment so far and even the others that just kept it moving...