Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Owusu & Hannibal is one of those groups that I felt was really overlooked in 2006. I know that many of you folks are unfamiliar with this group, so please don't judge them by the photo that I have posted on the left? This picture is a little bit suspect with these two grown men sitting "oh so" close while one eats a plate of poor man's spitzgetti! I don't know what that's all about, and I really don't want to know either. As long as the music is good, who really cares? Owusu & Hannibal is a soul/electronica group coming out of Copenhagen, Denmark. These two artists have only been working together since 2005, but you wouldn't be able to tell that by the rich and vibrant chemistry they exibited with their debut album "Living With Owusu & Hannibal." Sometimes, groups that have been together for several years don't sound this good together. They're music sound has been described as Moody Man meets Steely Dan meets J Dilla meets Jorge Ben meets Spacek and you're just getting close.

I love American soul music with a passion, but I also enjoy the blissful soul sounds from overseas as well. Hell, I guess I always did even in my younger days with my fascination with artists like Loose Ends, Sade & Soul II Soul. I can't deny their contributions to my music world as well. On "Living with Owusu & Hannibal" the group has managed to combine the greatest aspects of music and put a soulful spin on it. I really enjoy their melodies and beat patterns, but the real standout for me are Hannibal's vocals! He's voice has a soothing and relaxing feel to it like the sensation you would get after drinking a large glass of Nyquil & warm milk! Tracks like "Blue Jays" and "A Million Babies" are two of my favorite tracks on the album for that reason. There first single from the album was entitled, "Delirium" and that joint sounds real nice too. Albums like this are why I enjoy music overall, because of their interesting and diverse interpretations...

Check these katz out and hear what you think.

Owusu & Hannibal at Ubiquity

Buy album & hear snippets here

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