Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's about time for one of these posts? I thought it was about time to drop another one. For all of you new comers that don't have a clue what WNEX Radio is, it's basically a musical venture where I get to express my radio hosting talents? In my personal opinion Urban radio stinks, so I create my own fake radio broadcasts to fill my void. There is no real theme to these fake broadcast, which means I touch on all kinds of genres that fall under the urban music umbrella. Putting these together are fun for me because I don't have to think about what song comes next. I just put whatever I want to dammit!

I normally attach a personal radio experience to these posts, and today is not exception so here we go! As most of you folks know, I avoid the radio like a person's house that has roaches! Recently, I turned on the Steve Harvey morning show while I was getting ready for work. I wasn't really paying attention to the show (background noise), but I did notice that some of the music wasn't just the normal bubblicious crap that I have heard in the past. So, the next morning, I turned on the show again and guess what, the same exact songs that were played the day before were on there one again. Not only that, but they were playing the songs in damn near the same order as the day before! Why? Does it take that much time to change the tracklist up a little? I don't like watching tv reruns the very next day, so why would I want to hear the same songs next day? For some I guess this format is cool, but for me it sucks like straw! I enjoy a little mystery and surprise in my music. I guess that's why I keep my Ipod on random, because I don't want to know what's coming next. Just sucka punch me with the musical goodness dammit!

So, in the spirit of the sucka punch, I won't be posting the tracklist for this fake radio broadcast until later! Just sit back and enjoy the music with no expectations and hear what you think. I won't leave you hanging for too long, so be patient. I understand how much it sucks to not know the name of a song you really like. Being kicked in the bean bag with a size 14 Timberland boot is less painful?

Okay folks..feast your ears on this:

SoundNexx WNEX Radio #6


BennyBlanco said...

nice stuff, keep up the excellent work, regardless the ammount of comments you recieve

SoundNexx said...

@BennyBlanco - No doubt! I appreciate you stoppin' thru!