Friday, December 08, 2006

Yep, you read it right playaz and playettez! Pharoahe Monch will be blessing the hip hop world with a new joint in 2007! We haven't had an official release from Mr. Monch since 1999, when he dropped the hip hop classic "Internal Affairs." After hearing that wonderful album, I just knew P. Monch was on his way to a successful solo career, but it never happened. Label problems have put his career on hold, and it had even pushed Mr. Monch into possibly giving up rap as a whole? What a depressing thought that would be for the hip-hop headz around the world! He has a new home on SRC Records now, and he's ready to shake up the hip-hop world in 2007 with his sophmore release entitled, "Desire." P. Monch has already dropped his first single from the new joint already called "Push" that is making some moves on the underground scene already. Pharoahe is actually singing a few bars the new joint. I will admit that there are way more rappers trying to hold a note than I would like, but hell if Chamillionaire, Pharell and DMX can sing on their records, why not P. Monch dammit! It's definitely cheaper than paying some non-singing r&b crooner to do it for him, right? I just hope the album doesn't get pushed back next year. Keep your fingers and toes crossed on that though....

There is some good news 4 you impatient folks......

You can checkout not only the "Push" track, but you can also listen to another one of Pharoahe's new tracks entitled "Desire" as well. Check them both out below and hear what you think!

Click here to hear "PUSH"

Click here to hear "DESIRE"

When you finish checking out the tracks, hit up P. Monch on his myspace site and hear some other stuff.

Also, make sure you checkout those Organized Konfusion and Pharoahe Monch videos from back in the day before you leave. Those are some of my favorite tracks by these katz!

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