Thursday, December 28, 2006

Time to get a little jazzy! I damn sure like seeing the old school artists from any genre doing there thing in the new millenium. Some folks believe that most of the older artists have lost their touch or that no one really wants to hear new music from the legends. I beg to differ! George Benson & Al Jarreau's new collaboration jazz album definitely proves my point. It's called, "Givin' It Up," and that's just what they do too. This a great album in my personal opinion, if you enjoy smooth jazz in general. If you don't likey the jazz, then you no likey this album! This album is definitely for the more mature audiences that want something that the grown folks can vibe 2! George Benson has been making good music for many, many years and he is still going strong. Al Jarreau has been keeping busy doing concerts at small clubs around the country over these last few years as well. That's the great thing about jazz musicians and jazz music in general, they're both timeless!

This jazzy joint is full classic tracks and plenty of guest appearances too. No slouches on this project either. The guest appearances include: Jill Scott, Marion Meadows, Patti Austin, Marcus Miller, Patrice Rushen & Stanley Clarke. You'd have to be into jazz a little to appreciate the majority of the names I just mentioned though? Honestly, even without knowing any of the guest artists that worked on this album, as soon as I heard track number 1 "Breezin"....I was hooked! George already laced the track, but when you add Al on there it's even better.

If you are a fan of the soulful artists named Kem, then you definitely need to give this album a listen. Many feel that Kem stole Al's steelo?? You can be the judge on that.

Checkout some samples of this album here:


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