Monday, December 04, 2006

I like a lot of hip-hop artists, but there are only a few that I actually respect. An Dante Terrell Smith mos definitely has my respect. Artists earn my respect by going against grain musically, speaking out on controversial issues, and not really giving a damn about what the critics think about it. Not many artists have enough courage to do all of those things. When you listen to Mos Def's music as a whole, it has raw emotion and depth that many others lack. It's not because Mos Def is the best emcee on the mic, but it seems that the majority of the rappers today are only talking about the subject matter that they think will help them sell record. I understand that record sells play a big part in the music business, but these days artists will do and say anything to sell a record. While some of the artists that used to be original have eventually converted over into the rap gimmick category, Mos Def has stood strong with his political and revolutionary style of music. Did you forget he interviewed Al Gore earlier this year? How many other rappers do you know of today that get that involved with current events? I also, appreciate his continuing efforts on trying to bring something original to the table musically, even though he never gets the sells he deserves.

Most hip-hop fans thought the Mos Def's first album "Black on Both Sides" was classic material. About 5 years later he dropped his second solo album, and it caught a lot of folks off guard to say the least. Some folks wanted a "Black on Both Sides Part 2," so they were highly disappointed with the "New Danger" joint. It took me a couple of listens to capture the full effect of the album, but it's mos definitely a great album. It kind of reminds me of when Common dropped the "Electric Circus" album back in 2002! Most of the hip-hop community was in an uproar. Some people felt like Common had sold the hip-hop community out with that project? I thought of it as a musical experiment, that worked in some place and failed in others. Kind of like the New Danger album by Mos Def. It wasn't a tragedy like most people were trying to say it was in my opinion.

Well, on January 9, 2007, Mos Def will be dropping his third solo album entitled, "True Magic" for all to hear. You real hardcore fans will be happy to know that Mos has taken it back to the Ms. Fat Booty days of old on the new album. His rap topics range from the Hurricane Katrina travesty to the girl he wish he had never met. Mos is back to show everyone that just because he's been in few movies over the years, he can still spit a few nice verses on the mic too. You will definitely want to add this one to your after New Year's Hip-Hop wish list.

Checkout Mos Def's websites for more information: - (Checkout the Al Gore interview on his myspace site)


travis said...

I hate to say it, but I am simply not feeling this new album yet. I just can't get into it. Musically it seems very uninspired. As always his lyrics and topics are on point, but I can't get past the music. And I am one of those people that liked "The New Danger" and "Electric Circus"

SoundNexx said...

@Travis - I totally understand your dilema with the new Mos joint! U are not the only person that has found this one hard to digest. Some folks said that it sounded really low budget, like he did it in his basement. I taking my time listening to it, then I'll make my final decision about it.

travis said...

Yeah, the mixing sounds like it was done in a tin can. I'm not sold that what was leaked is a final version. We'll see

Syd Steppa said...

Mos Def is always on point in my opinion. He does his thing,the way he wants without worrying about what the mainstream is doing.
Now, all we need is a new Black Star album! The hiphop world would be a better place.