Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I am really diggin' this new "Won't Do" Dilla video! This is actually one of my favorite tracks off of that classic "The Shining" album. I am glad to see that the powers that be are releasing new Jay Dee videos. I like seeing other artists like Common, Black Thought, Waajeed, Will I.Am and Talib Kweli reppin' in the video as well. Actually, his brother (John Yancey) did a great job adlibing Dilla's vocals in the video. At moments he really resembles Dilla. Even though Jay Dee left us entirely too soon, I am glad to see that his music is still living on. If you haven't picked up that new J Dilla album, you are doing yourself a disjustice.

Checkout the website too....


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Barfield said...

This a dope track!