Tuesday, May 25, 2010

THE WEIRDO: GREEN TEA!I forgot to give some shine about this joint earlier in the year, so consider this post better late than never (as they say). The artist is Ms. Green Tea from D.C. in the place to be. Dang, did I just make that last line rhyme? I've been practicing my freestyle skills in the shower for years, so I am battle tested if didn't know! Anyway, Green Tea dropped a hot mixtape that went under the soul radar of many music lovers, so if you missed it check it out. It's called the Beautiful Weirdo Mixtape. Who said mixtapes were only for the rappers?

All of the beats on this joint are Outkast instrumentals from various tracks you'll definitely recognize. She sings effortlessly over these grooves too!
Me likey this mixtap a lot, and you probably will as well.

Get the mixtape here: greentea.bandcamp.com

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