Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leela James
is one of the many female soul singers on the scene right now, but her throwback sound is what separates her from the pack. I love Leela's voice just like the next soul music fan. However, I haven't been the biggest fan of her two album releases up to the point. Her 2005 debut album was decent overall, but I didn't care for her second album "Let's Do It Again" from 2009. I don't particularly like remake tracks, and her second project was a remake album. Personally, I am still waiting on Leela's breakout album, and hopefully her upcoming third project "My Soul" will be just that. Her first single from the new joint "Tell Me You Love Me" is hot, so I can't wait to hear this album. "My Soul" drops on May 25th, so if you are a Leela fan mark your calendars.

View the official video below:


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