Saturday, November 07, 2009

I like a lot of artists that I have come across over my years, but I am only a true fan of a few. Kev Brown is one of those few. The reason should be obvious if you've heard any of his music over the years. Kev is not only a fan of hip-hop music, but he knows a lot about its history. Also, his production style really reminds me of the legendary producer Pete Rock. I enjoy production a little more than rhymes, so if the beat is hot I'm all in! Kev's beats always seem to have that perfect mixture of boom and bap that keeps my head nodding for hours. If you haven't heard Kev's first underground official album "I Do What I Do" (a classic in my book) you've done yourself a great injustice. That joint has hot tracks from beginning to end. Your ears will love you for hearing it.

Mr. Brown released some fresh material earlier this year entitled "Random Joints" its more of that goodness fans have come to expect from the kid. If you missed it when it dropped over the summer, it's never too late to redeem yourself. Also, Kev needs and deserves your support. Typeout to the whole Low Budget Crew!

Click here for the RANDOM JOINTS album!

Get a taste of Kev's musical flavor below:

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