Saturday, November 14, 2009

Awww-shukz...look at your girl Angie Stone on the cover of her upcoming album called "Unexpected" looking all provocative. Stoney has obviously lost a few pounds over the last year and she's ready to show it off. I'm a little confused about her sitting on that motorcycle with a prom dress on, but I guess the rest is all good. Slick chopper though! Anyway, I always enjoy Angie's albums because her music consistantly delivers quality. Plus, there is always at least one hit single on each joint that becomes an anthem that'll be remembered for years to come. Her voice never gets stale to my ears. It's the balance of her old school vibe with a new school twist that keeps me coming back for more. Sounds like "Unexpected" will be no different from Angie's past endeavors. On November 23rd check it out for yourselves...

I truly dig her first single off of the new album "I Ain't Hearin' U" that is lyrically directed at Angie's favorite subject matter, men. The theme of this particular song should be self-explanatory and obvious based on the title. If you haven't heard the song yet, put ears on it below:

LISTEN to "I Ain't Hearin' U" HERE

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