Saturday, November 21, 2009

If you didn't know, the comtemporary jazz genre is flooded in 2009! Just like rappers, there is a new hopeful newcomer with a sax, trumpet, flute
or guitar in hand hoping for their chance to showcase their talents. For that reason I rarely explore new jazz artists these days. I'd rather stick with my old faithfuls like legendary saxaphonist Najee. This kat has been feeding me an earful of saxaphone filled goodness over my many years, and for that alone I owe him my gratitude. He was one of the first musicians to spark my interest in jazz. Once I heard his classic "Betcha Don't Know" from his Najee's Theme album, it was a wrap. If you haven't heard that joint by now you definitely need to put ears on it.

Back in August of this year Najee released a new album entitled "Mind Over Matter" and I wanted to be sure that the jazz heads out there didn't miss it. It's another solid release from the man as he provides perfect background noise on a Sunday afternoon.

Find out more about the album HERE.

Listen to the new album @

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