Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Hip-Hop is like a circus, and everybody is striving to be the top act under the big tent. With the new schoolers influencing the mainstream version of the art form into the dark side (based on some people’s opinions), some rap veterans have decided to build a buzz by joining forces. The thought of hearing two of your favorite emcees sharing the microphone on a collaboration project is a win-win without a doubt. It’s feels similar to seeing two of your favorite actors chopping it up on the big screen. Some of most recent veteran collaborations have been KRS-One (Boogie Down Productions) & Buckshot (Black Moon) on the “Survival Skills” album, plus Canibus & Keith Murray a.k.a Undergods. The Undergods haven’t released an official project yet. These emcees are passed their prime at this point; however, any one of them could still lyrically manhandle the average rapper on the scene today. If you are still a non-believer, take a look at the two hip-hop freestyle ciphers showcased on the recent 2009 BET HipHop Awards show featuring KRS and Buckshot. Both of them ripped the mic like it was 1994! It’s worth checking out just to see them drop their verses.

Remember, the D.I.T.C. crew members A.G. and O.C.? BTW, if you don’t know what DITC stands for, please turn in your Hip-Hop I.D. card immediately before exiting the building! Anyway, these two veterans are releasing an album entitled “Oasis” drops on 11/24/09. This one could be a doozy!

The last rap duo I want to discuss is currently going by the name A&E, which is short for (Masta Ace & Ed O.G.). Masta Ace is one of my favorite rap veterans still doing it today, and I have been a fan of his since the Juice Crew was on the scene. I’ve always appreciated Ace’s ability to change his style up. He’s been a trendsetter in many ways, but he’s rarely recognized for it. Ed O.G. (Edo) has been on my rap radar over the years of his career. Remember his classic “I Gotta Have It”? He’s released a few solid underground joints over the years, but most heard nothing about them. Their collabo album “Arts & Entertainment” is out right now, and featured guests include: Marsha Ambrosious, Large Professor, Posdnuos, KRS-One and Jamelle Bundy. Production duties for the album were handled by DJ Spinna, DJ Supreme One, M-Phazes and Rain.


Put eyes on the video for A&E's "Little Young" track:

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