Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you are not aware, there's much distress going on out here in Michigan right now! We had some major tornado like storms around this piece earlier this week that knocked down trees and electrical power lines like a hobo when he starts asking me for change. Some of my peoples have been without electrical power at the crib for about 3 to 4 days now! I know all you no electrical bill paying suckaz out there know how that feels, right? Outside of having to eat cereal with warm milk and having no air conditioning in 80 degree weather, it's not being able to flush the damn toilet that would drive me crazy! Can you imagine having to look at your own logs floating in the bowl all day while you try to conserve water to wash up with? It sucks tremendously, trust me! Detroit Edison can't work fast enough to get the power up and running around these parts. Luckily, I wasn't a victim of the bad storms, so I'm sitting here drinking a tall glass of ice water in the A/C while I type this post. I still have sympathy for those without though.

That why this latest mixx entitled "Soular Eclips Mixx" is dedicated to all of the folks in Michigan still without power! Since, you folks are going through a blackout, I'm blacking out with ya'll musically. When your power finally comes back, be sure to put ears on this latest mixx when you get a chance...

Oh yeah, and all of you power having suckaz around the world should take a listen to this joint as well.

Now, let's blackout...


01) Tweek - Bad Apple
02) Nico - Come Alive
03) Silhouette Brown - Monday's Coming
04) Hil St. Soul - Wash Away
05) Janelle Monae - Cloud 9
06) Venus Malone - Eye On The Prize
07) HISD - Galleria Chix
08) Kindred the Family Soul feat. India Irie - Struggle No More
09) Martine Girault - Good Love
10) Soul II Soul - Back To Life (Acapella)
11) Choklate - Long Way
12) Estelle - Back In Love
13) Sy Smith - The Things I Do
14) D'Nell - This Thing
15) Jackson Conti - Berumba
16) Astrud Gilberto - Bim Bom (Psapp Remix)
17) Nicola - Best In Me (Dub Version)
18) Silhouette Brown - Looking Back Reprise
19) Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (9th Remix)


Shoutout to my sponsors...

This mixx is sponsored by Preparation H ~ "Watch those hemorrhoids run and hide with a tube of Preparation H by your behind!"


Boones Farm Wine ~ "The cheapest liquor on the planet that a homeless alcoholic wouldn't even drink for free!"

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LL said...

whats good Jamz! glad to read your okay! nice mixx!