Sunday, June 08, 2008

Detroit stand-up!! As a fan and friend of my dude Dwele, I'm pretty hyped about Mr. Gardner dropping his official third album on June 24th! It's been long overdue in my personal opinion, but it's better late than never. Some of my other favorite soul artists haven't even made it to the point of dropping third album yet *cough* D'Angelo *sneeze, plus symotanious poot*...but, who's complaining? I enjoy good music whenever I can get it, which is fortunately all of the time. I'm definitely a lucky bastard I know, so I don't take it for granted. Anyway, a couple of years ago I had a conversation with Dwele at a show he was hosting, and I asked him about all of the music that had leaked onto the internet from some of his unreleased projects. He was definitely a little heated about the situation, but he explained that there was no real way to guard his music from eventually being leaked. He knows that technology and internet art beasts when it comes to safeguarding things.

Dwele did mentioned that he would eventually release a few of the leaked tracks at a later date. Judging by the "Sketches of a Man" track list that date will be June 24th. This time around Dwele has mixed a bunch of old unreleased and new tracks to make up his latest project. For those of you that don't have these unreleased gems, you should be smiling from ear to ear. There are defnitely some bangers on this joint! Support good music and spend some money on my dude's album. This is one kat that works hard for the money...

Peep this video too:

I'm Cheatin' (Video)


Anonymous said...

There's one particular unreleased track that I've been struggling to get my hands..."Beep Me, Find Me" under his "Johnsmyname moniker. That track is banging!

Anywayz, always been a Dwele a fanatic and I will definitely be adding this one to the collection with the other, although I'll be waiting a little while see, the Japanese releases usually come with some added bonus tracks. So, I'll be waiting to see if this release does also.


SoundNexx DJ said...

@rteer88 - You should consider clicking the "Name/URL" option when leaving comments here. There you can type your screen name instead of using the Anonymous moniker...

Yes, Dwele used that Johnny moniker to try out some experimental joints. He never expected so many people to find out about it, but word travels fast. Out of the 3 songs he did, I like the Beep Me track the best.

Did you ever get the Japanese bonus track from Dwele's last album?

rteer88 said...

Yeah, I own the Japanese version of "Some Kinda..". The only problem is that when I ripped it using Realplayer, it worked fine on my iPod 3G, but once I purchased a 4G Classic iPod, I found out that the new iPod OS had trouble playing mp3 ripped bt certain programs. So, I've been reripping all my CDs that this problem occurred with and Dwele's last album was one of them. But, now when I try to rip the CD with any other program, it doesn't work correctly because of the copyright protection encoding on the CD. Haven't found a program that will rip it correctly yet.