Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let me start this post off by saying that I have personally been a LL Cool J fan since his appearance in the movie Krush Groove rapping about his boom box radio! I have been supporting his music since the beginning and that's why I feel like I have the right as a true fan to sincerely ask Mr. James Todd to put the microphone on the shelf for good! When is enough, enough? Like anything you do in this world, eventually you have to leave it behind no matter how much you love it. Walk away on your own, or get pushed out. It happens to the best of them no matter how great they were in the past. It saddens me to watch some of my favorite entertainers trying to avoid their destiny. Refusing to accept the reality that their job is done and they need to find another way to make money. Personally, I think LL should try to be a CEO of some record label, so he can mold and mentor up and coming musical talent. That'll probably never happen though because he's too busy reminding everyone that he's the self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. of the rap genre.

Unlike many rappers, LL Cool J has other career options available to him, but he seems reluctant to give up rapping to explore them. His acting career is decent, plus he's a rap fitness guru as well, right? Any other business opportunities outside of actually rapping would be the move right now. Am I the only one that has noticed over the last few years that LL has released several luke-warm to mediocre albums in hopes of creating a new buzz for himself? The truth is he's not adding any new fans, but he is making it real tough for his current fans to continuously defend and debate about why he's still hanging around in 2008! Let me make this clear, age has nothing to do with my desire for LL to retire. It's about still having the ability to make music that people want to hear and care about overall no matter how old you are. For example, I would still buy a De La Soul album today if they dropped a new joint, without question! That's just me though. Yes, it's obvious that the Ladies still Love Cool J, and that's the main reason why his career hasn't taken a serious toilet spin at this point. Just when I thought LL was finished rapping, he hires a personal trainer to help himself get back into that prison body build shape, and he hasn't looked back. I think he feels that as long as he can snatch is shirt off for the ladies that he will always be relevant in the hip-hop? I beg to differ. If all his career has come down to is being half naked on stage, then why not become a male model or something? That's just a suggestion...

Now, check out LL's latest single from his upcoming 13th album called "Rockin Wit Da Goat"...GO FIGURE! Does LL still have it or not?

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I gotta agree, I wasn't impress by L's last offering; and I've been a fan since he dropped "I Need A Beat" (before Krush Groove). Since I am a fan, I will still wanna listen to the rest of his album, let's just hope it gives up the feeling he did when he dropped "Jack the Ripper" or "The Ripper Strikes Back".