Tuesday, January 08, 2008

By now it’s no secret that I loves me some hip-hop, reggae, house and soul when I’m ready to get hyped, but I also like to smooth things out with a little jazzy sensation from time to time as well. On some grown folks type-ish. As much as I enjoy listening to artists like Little Brother and Masters at Work, they are not appropriate for every occasion. Sometimes I just want some relaxing background music while I’m doing something around the house or on an late night drive. BTW, if you haven't been on a late night drive yet you're definitely missing out. Recently, I just came across the third album from one of my old favorite jazzy rap-soul groups from back in the day Impromp2 entitled “Definition of Love.” The group Impromp2 is made up of musicians Johnny Britt and Sean Thomas. The first time I heard these guys was on there first single “Enjoy Yourself” off of their debut album “You’re Gonna Love It” back in 1995! Don’t be surprised if you here that joint on one of my upcoming mixes some day real soon because that track still sounds good even in 2008.

Impromp2 is back at it with the release of their fourth album entitled “It Is What It Is.” They are definitely taking it back to their musical roots on this album. Judging by many of the articles I’ve read it’s pretty obvious that they are not too pleased with the way the music scene has changed over the years. With this album they are trying to make a difference, hopefully awakening the senses of real music lovers that have been polluted with trash lately. So, if you’re looking for something refreshingly smooth to put your ears on give Impromp2 a listen. There’s a great possibility that you just might like it?

If you have never heard of Impromp2 here is your chance to get familiar.


Check out some sounds from Impromp2 below:

Impromp2 Music

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greena ff said...

good looking out.. have you heard of mike Phillips? hes pretty smoothed out to, on the jazz tiip, but still contemporary

you should also check for fitzroy- i think youd dig his sound