Saturday, January 05, 2008

Look at your monitor, is it a turd, no... is it David Blaine, nope…it’s DJ SoundNexx babie (echo effects go here)! This is not a trick folks. This is my first official post for the New Year. Yep, your boy is back at it again for the 2007 plus one! This year makes it approximately two years since I started this blog. What does that mean? Nothing really, just that I have dedicated a lot of my personal time to share my love for music with you good folks over these past two years. That’s about it. I won’t bother getting into those irrelevant statistics about how my visitor traffic has increased or how many site hits I get per day because who really cares about that stuff anyway. Running this spot is strictly a hobby for me that some folks actually like to check out from time to time, and that’s cool with me. I try to keep things simple around here. So, you may be wondering what new things do I have in store for 2008? The answer to your question is “not a dayum thang playa!” I just plan on bringing you more DOPE artists to explore and many more tunes to enjoy. Seriously, if you want to share any suggestions or ideas that you feel are worthy, feel free to do so.

Speaking of tunes, to start off the New Year right I am sharing my fifth installment of my Sample This Lesson series mixxes. With this mixx I am showcasing one my favorite old school artists Donny Hathaway. He’s not just any ole’ artist, he’s a legend to many. His voice and sound were like no other in his class. While many have tried to duplicate there will only be one Donny Hathaway. His music is timeless and I still keep many of his tracks in my rotation even today. I chose three of my favorite Donny Hathaway tracks that have been sampled by many artists over the years for this mixx. There are also several samples in this joint that have been used by artists like Lil’ Kim, Common, Little Brother, Kanye, Jay-Z, Nas, etc. that should be pretty recognizable by most. See how many of them you can name. Put your ears on this one for sure!


01>louis Armstrong – what a wonderful world
02>quincy jones – emerald city
03>jeff lorber – rain dance
04>steely dan – black cow
05>junior – is this love
06>donny Hathaway – love, love, love
07>dorothy ashby – cause I need it
08>al green – something
09>enchantment – silly love song
10>j.d. rogers – faithful to the end
11>mel & tim – keep the faith
12>greg perry – come on
13>george duke – someday
14>rose royce – love is in the air
15>foster sylvers – misdemeanor
16>Montana – wrap factory
17>grover Washington – black forest
18>bobby Caldwell – my flame
19>chi-lites – that’ how long
20>Isaac hayes – ike’s mood pt. 1
21>donny hathaway ft. roberta flack – you are my love
22>the sylvers – what love is made of
23>otis redding – it’s too late
24>Freda payne – the road we didn’t take
25>donny hathaway ft. roberta flack – be real black for me
26>baby huey – hard times
27>mad lads – promises of yesterday
28>nipsy russell – what would I do
29>james brown – get up, get into it, get involved


Oh yeah, before I exit I wanted to give a type out to my peoples and visitors overseas that check out SoundNexx on the regular! Since, it is January 5th today, this will be the last day that I will say or type the words "Happy New Year" until the ball drops in 2009!



green eyes said...

i love this. i love it when someone samples a classic and makes it brand new, chooses that obscure moment in the music and loops it, making it something so contemporary yet still reminiscent of yesteryear. as always, brilliant post jamz!

DMecca7 said...

What up J? Just stopping through. Glad to see you are keeping the blog going man. If it wasn't for you I would miss out on a lot of music and artist. Your blog is definitely a oasis in a cyberspace of dry music sites. Keep doing what you do man.


SoundNexx DJ said...

@Greena - Thanks for the luv playgurl! Somehow I knew you would like this post because your boy Donny was being touched on...LOL! I enjoy sampling as well when it's done right.

@DMecca7 - What up man! Thanks for stopping thru, and supporting the movement since the beginning. As always I'll keep it going as long as I can, but my finger tips are becoming sore...LOL!