Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Remember...when Mariah Carey was married and her music/image had that 'Leave It To Beaver' type feel to it? We all watched as she ran barefoot through the grass with her turtle necks and country style ankle length skirts on in video after video. She seemed like the prime example of good-clean wholesum living, while making those feel good anthems that your grandmother could sing along to without any embarrassment. Unfortunately, that was all image trickery cleverly mastered by her mind-controlling ex-husband/ex-manager who knew the truth about Mariah. The truth is Mariah has always wanted to get bucket-naked in front of the camera, and ever since their break up she's done just that! Well, sorta? I'm a man, so I'm not mad at her for showing off the enhanced goodies, but now it seems like she's doing it JUST to get some needed attention.

Luckily, Mariah can still hold decent note in the new millennium, because her druggie/drunken shinanigans over that last few years have ruined my personal image of this great singer. Now, she's preparing to drop a new album in 2008 creatively titled "That Chick" where she's naked on the cover hiding behind a lucky hat. I pray that if this new album stinks that there are atleast some controversal photos inside of the CD sleeve to make up for it? Now that I think about it, I bet most of you folks haven't seen a REAL CD booklet (sleeve) since 1997! Yes, you should be very ashamed!

Where's Whitney when you need her dammit??


candyraindrops said...

good post jamz....i agree..mariah used to wow everyone with just her voice and it makes you wonder what the hell tommy mottola(sp) did to her for her to use her body as a marketing tool! when her voice should be enough! looking forward to the album though

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