Monday, January 28, 2008

As always, when I get a minute I will try to re-up mixxes of SoundNexx's past when time permits. Today, I am sharing two mixxes that have requested for re-up by several visitors. If you missed these joints the first time around, get them why you can. Oh yeah, and before I lock the door on this short post, let me address a question that I get asked A LOT! The question is: Why do you post your mixxes in one large MP3 file instead of individual songs? Here is the answer: This is the age of MP3 players, so I like to have my mixxes in one file so when I'm listening to them in my iPod everything is together. I hate those annoying pauses between songs during any mixx. Lastly, some of the music that I share in my mixxes are hand delivered by the artists or record labels. I use these mixxes to give these great artists some deserved exposure, and a opportunity for my visitors to hear some great songs. I have a small rep to uphold, so I can't have these joints all over the internet with 10,000 downloads on some anonymous Upload file. I haven't forgotten about my old schoolers that still enjoy burning CDs though, so I make my mixxes short enough to fit on a disc as well.

So, I hope this answers the question?

Get these mixxes before you jet if you haven't already:

SoundNexx N.Y.E. 06 Chillout Mixx

SoundNexx HipHop Reggae Mixx

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chocolategirlwonder said...

Making your mixxes all one file is pretty common. I don't mind. Mostly because I never feel the need to skip songs.

Thanks for the re-ups!