Monday, January 21, 2008

Now, that I have finally recovered from my Cloverfield motion-sickness-migrain-headache that's been lingering around for the last couple of days, I can actually get back to posting! Movies that have a lot of running with hand held video cameras suck! Anyway, it's Martin Luther King, Jr's Day today, so I hope you (Americans) did something constructive other than just staying home and watching People's Court all day? Today, I bought a homeless man a new pair of shoes, sat at the front of the city bus, made a new caucasion friend, and then my alarm clock suddenly went off waking me up from my dream. Damn, I hate when that happens! Since, I did so much in my dream, I decided just to donate some clothes to the Salvation Army after I got off work today. It's about more giving and less taking in 2008. So, with that being said...

I am giving you good folks another soulful goodie for your MP3 and CD players that should definitely enrich your spirits. I call this one the "Ebony Souluette Mixx" because I thought it was pretty catchy? As usual, make sure you put your ears on this one if you consider yourself a soul music lover. Even if you don't, listen to it anyway just because I posted it for you.


01*omar > painful truths
02*jill scott > rightness
03*4hero ft. d brock & phonte > give in
04*myron > turn to you
05*mary j blige > hurt again
06*hil st. soul ft. dwele > baby come over
07*erro > when love calls
08*cynthia jones > gotta soul
09*raheem ft. floetry > marathon
10*k'jon > feels like love
11*v > confess
12*jean grae > it's alright
13*dion ft. game > runnin'(soul vocal mixx)
14*wes felton > beyond the sky
15*marcell & the truth > time stops
16*lonna haroin > tender mercy
17*valarie adams > i think of u
18*luvbugz > under these covers
19*natasha bedingfield > these words (elleuud soul mixx)



Anonymous said...

Did this track come from a specific 12"...

dion ft. game > runnin'(soul vocal mixx)

I've been looking for this track for a minute now.


SoundNexx DJ said...

@rtee88 - Damn, I had to dig that one out to see what it's on... Not really a 12", but it's on a promo type DJ vinyl that I got from some dudes I know. It's kind of old actually. It's got a few other tracks on it, but that's the only Dion song.

Honestly, I thought he would have dropped an album by now??

I heard it's coming this year though...

Anonymous said...

I know I'm asking a lot, but is it at all possible you can hook me up with the complete track? I'd really appreciate it.


SoundNexx DJ said...

@rteer88 - Drop me an email and when I get time to conver the track to MP3 format, I'll send it to you. I don't normally do this, but since you have been coming thru for a minute, I will make an exception...