Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's October and the Chief Chinchilla, J-Zone is back with his latest installment of his crazy themed mixtape show he calls 'Freakxxshow.' The theme for this month is dedicated to the freaky side of life, and everything else that comes with it. Zone is obviously in the Halloween spirit with the whole freaks theme, so trick or treak mo-fos. This mix is definitely full of some very diverse artists that you have probably never heard sharing the same space in a mix, but that's what makes this such a novelty. There are definitely some classic joints on here, but there are a couple that I have never heard in my life. For example, who the hell is JCD & The Dawg LB? They must be from Idaho or something, because I have never heard of those katz? Also, I'd like to give a true typeout to my favorite hip-hop freak of all times Choice! She never got the freaky respect she deserved though. Folks seem to think that Lil'Kim, Trina, Khia, etc. were the first of the foul mouthed female rappers, but if you do some research Choice actually came before them. I still remember when I heard her album "HIV Positive" back in 1991. J-Zone did miss the boat on this mix though by not adding atleast one Millie Jackson track for good measure. Millie is the person that taught Richard Pryor, Dolemite and Paul Mooney how to curse, I mean cuss...


01. Intro
02. Whodini - 'Freaks Come Out At Night'
03. Blowfly - 'She's Bad'
04. BWP (feat. Ed Lover) - '2 Minute Brother'
05. Color Me Badd - 'I Wanna Sex You Up'
06. K-Solo - 'Renee-Renee'
07. Poison Clan - 'Ho Stories'
08. Brooklyn Assault Team - 'On The Bone Again'
09. Jodeci - 'Feenin' (Talk Break)'
10. Sylk Smoov - 'Bitch Haven (Commercial)'
11. Scarface - 'The Pimp'
12. Onyx - 'Blac Vagina Finda'
13. 2 Live Crew - 'Ugly As Fuck'
14. Too Much Trouble - 'If You Ain't Suckin''
15. Too $hort - 'Paula & Janet'
16. Willie D - 'I Wanna Fuck Ya Mama'
17. MC Ren - 'Behind The Scenes'
18. JCD & The Dawg Lb. - 'Bon Apetit'
19. Marvin Gaye - 'Sexual Healing'
20. Choice - 'One Just Ain't Enough'
21. Ice Cube - 'Condom Commercial/A Midnight Leak'
22. Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$ (J-Zone & Celph Titled) - 'Baby U Burned Me'
23. Words From ODB
24. Master P - 'Ooh Shit'
25. The Hoodratz - 'Ms. Crabtree'
26. Jodeci - 'Freak'n U (Talk Break)'
27. King Tee & E-Swift - 'Where'sa Hoes At? (Commercial)'
28. Bobbie Knight - 'Lovomaniacs (Sex)'
29. Nice-N-smooth - 'Hit Me'
30. Vanity 6 - 'Nasty Girl'
31. AMG - 'I Wanna Be Yo Ho'
32. Madonna - 'Like A Virgin'
33. Greyson & Jasun - 'Laura'
34. J-Zone - 'Freak & Dome (Talk Break)'
35. Section 8 Mob - 'Ketchup On My Hotdog'
36. Bustdown - 'Nasty Bitch'
37. Tim Dog - 'Secret Fantasies'


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