Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who doesn’t like EPMD? If you answered "ME" then I suggest that you wash your mouth out with a pubic hair covered bar of soap and then answer the question again. Not liking EPMD is basically not liking hip-hop music. I mean these brothas are a couple of the pioneers of the hip-hop music that we know and love today, even though according to some hip-hop has died already. I am a TRUE EPMD fan from way back when EPMD still stood for “Erick and Parrish Making Dollars” and not “Erick and Parrish Millennium Ducats!” Yes, the meaning of the letters has changed slightly over the years. Since, their early beginning EPMD has been Strictly Business. Over the years they’ve had to tighten up some Unfinished Business, but it’s always Business as Usual and of course Business Never Personal. Unfortunately, the group had come Back In Business just to turn around two years later and Out of Business again. Personal turmoil has hampered the group’s success during the later years, but EPMD is coming back on the music scene with their seventh album “We Mean Business!” I’m quite sure that plenty new school rap fans could give a damn that EPMD is about to drop another album, but personally I’m always happy when Erick & Parrish start doing BUSINESS together again. We need a less rap gimmicks and a little more of that old boom-bap back in hip-hop to balance things out.

Rumor has it that the first single off of the new EPMD joint is called “BLOW!” If you haven’t heard it already, check it out and hear what you think:

Even though I am a fan of EPMD and many other rappers from that era, sometimes I wonder when would be the right time for these artists to finally hang up the microphone for good? Should there be an age limit on emcees? An expiration date of some sort? I hate to see my favorite rhymers from hip-hop's past sounding like hot garbage because they can't let it go. Then when and if an artist does finally call it quits, the fans miss them and almost beg them to pick up the mic once again. So, what is an older artist supposed to do???


Russ said...

I think that they should leave it when they have nothing to say. Some of those 90's artists tryin to come back today just want more money, and they never sound as they used to do.. The new epmd album prolly won't be any good, cause they will sound as most music made in our days.. although it might be vice versa if E.sermon developing some magic in his brain :) but I didn't like his last (?) album with react as a single..
P.S godammmit ,when I was reading this in rss reader I thought there will be some nice discussion, but sadly i'm the only one who responded... smh

BraceYaSelf said...

I like EPMD as pioneers, but they haven't impressed me in years. I'd rather hear their old stuff than anything new that they drop. I think these guys are past their prime actually.

I like this new song, but I'm definitely not buying the album.

Anonymous said...

It's ok I love EPMD too and wonder if their reaching with this new album? Hang it up you old stuff is good enough for me!

mitch said...

It's ok I love EPMD too and wonder if their reaching with this new album? Hang it up you old stuff is good enough for me!

JoeBlak said...

yo epmd never had much to say..what? digger was supposed to be prolific?? Dust off those records, they've always rapped straight up smack and were loved for it. what they had that was innovative was a kinetic energy that was ridiculous for old school, the rap world finally caught up with in the early 90s, and has now gone the way of wherever the F nas was talking about. Personally, I didn't think the post break up albums were phenomenal but they def weren't bad. In fact they sounded like epmd records and I'm looking forward to whatever they've got coming. As far as motivation goes...they're not "erick and parish making rap for the love of the music and philanthropy" they're "makin' dollers" --don't even try and act like that's a reason not to chek something for some quality music. And for those who think they're rhymes fell off, download "the main event" and witness erick rip that beat to shreds.