Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Justus League is on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days because 9th Wonder finally released his long overdue “Dream Merchant 2” solo project, and the highly anticipated Little Brother “Get Back” album was leaked onto the internet by one of the group members. I won’t type the suspected group member’s name, but it starts with the letter 'P' if you can’t guess. Anyway, the new Little Brother joint is dope as expected, so be sure to pick that up when it officially drops at a store or internet site near you. As far as Mr. Wonder’s Dream Merchant 2 project…well, I’m not totally in love with it personally. Yes, there are a few songs on there that stand out above the rest, but I found myself hitting the skip button more than a couple of times. Truthfully, I think there were too many unknown artists on the project that really didn’t move me lyrically. I think if 9th had recruited more known and talented artists for the project the album would have been a lot better overall. I do suggest that you give DM2 a listen to hear what you think about it for yourself though. One man’s opinion is just that.

There is a lot of solid talent amongst the Justus Leaguers, but one of my favorite emcees in the crew is definitely Edgar Allen Floe. His rhyme flow reminds me of a young Jeru and his voice has the power of Chuck D. Edgar is not out there in the JL limelight like some of the others from the crew, so most folks have overlooked his skill. His album debut “Floe Almighty” was one of my favorite hip-hop releases in 2006, but many didn’t even know it had been released. Well, for those that missed E.A. Floe the first time around, he’s releasing a remixed version of his album dropping on the November 13th called “The Remixture” that will hopefully get more people interested. Handling the project’s remix duties are 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Blunt & Slicemysta. The project has a total of 13 remixes and 2 Khyrsis produced bonus tracks not included on the original release. There will also be a bonus disc included in the CD pack that has all 15 instrumentals available for your listening pleasure as well. Patience is no longer a virtue in the day of digital downloading, so if you want this music now and not later you can go over the HipHopSite and kopp these joints today!

Click here for The Remixture Downloads

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Then download this LB/DJ Dub mixtape for good measure:

The Good Clothes Mixtape

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