Monday, October 08, 2007

Who doesn’t like Mary J. Blige? The official Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has convincingly maintained her reign over the throne for more than a decade, even though many have tried to take her spot. There have been plenty of talented female artists that have created some great hip-hop soul tracks over the years, but none of them do like Mary J. Blige. Mary’s fans have a deep connection with her music, and most of us have been following her music career since the beginning. She has lyrically shared some of her most intimate moments with us in her music, revealing the good, the bad and ugly times that she’s endured over the years. We have watched her mature as an artist and a person as well. Even though Mary’s music has evolved over the years, she has managed to stay relevant throughout. Personally, I have liked some of Mary’s joints better than others, but I can honestly say that she hasn’t released anything that I consider just straight trash! Mary just knows how to make dope records no matter who she works with, which is impressive. I actually thought when she parted ways with Puff Daddy that her career would take a drastic slide into the toilet, but I was totally wrong. Now, I understand that their split was probably the best thing for her career.

Since, I am always anticipating new Mary releases I’m pretty hyped about her new album “Growing Pains” that is scheduled to drop on November 27th! I have already heard some good things about the album, and I am really diggin’ her first single “Just Fine,” which is creating a nice buzz on the internet right now! So, for those of you that actually still buys music mark your calendars accordingly!

Being a music connoisseur and a huge Mary J. Blige fan, I have collected several of her rare and remixed tracks over the years. Living overseas in the past has provided me golden opportunities to obtain many of her non-United States released tracks as well, so I guess you can say that I am pretty lucky! So, I have decided to share some of that luck with you good folks, for a LIMITED time of course. I enjoy sharing good music with my loyal and frequent visitors, so here’s another gem to add to your archives. I call this one the “Bligin’ Wit Mary” mixx and this joint will definitely be worth you kopping. There is some classic material on this one for sure! Just like the "Adwelogy" mixx (which will be back shortly) that I posted a few months ago, this SoundNexxclusive mixx will only be available for a LIMITED period of time! Once the link is dead, it’s dead until further notice...

There is no track list for this mixx either, and that's to keep things mysteriously interesting. You won’t know what song is coming next until it actually arrives, so enjoy this musical experience. However, I will list the names of the featured guests though to get your mouth watered a little bit.

Featured guests include: Ghostface Killa, Pete Rock, C.L. Smooth, Lauryn Hill, Talib Kweli, Method Man, Mos Def, George Michael, Foxy Brown, Audio Two, Smif-N-Wessun, Keith Murray, Big Pun, Mr. Cheeks, Jay-Z and Case

Okay, wipe your mouth!!




greena ff said...

mysteriously interesting, eh? i'll bite. who doesnt love mary though?

tight pic of her, by the way

candyraindrops said...

good stuff Jamz..luv mary..i think thats "Brooklyn" in that pic new song gotta grow on me tho.

Big Homie said...

MJB is the best. Good choice on the pic. Damn.

Kahl said...

Thanks for this Nexx! Some of these tracks have never been heard by me before, so this is a keeper. As always, great job!