Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When it comes to music, albums drop every week. Some artists get great promotion and other get none at all. Music comes and goes so fast that sometimes you have to slow it down a little and reflect back to make sure you haven't overlooked something great. There are a couple of great soul projects that dropped several months ago that were somehow overlooked by the masses? There are several reasons why that probably happened, but in these three cases I would blame it on very poor promotion! Better late than never, right??

First up is that brotha from anotha Tony Hussle. Tony is definitely getting his 1970's Jimi Hendrix swagger on that photo, but honestly after listening to his music he reminds me of a young Prince. Mr. Hussle dropped a dope EP back in December of 2005 entitled, "Sexy, Freaky, Electric" that went unnoticed like black on black crime in the hood! Now that's deep, deep, deep undercover! I would have thought the album would have been released by now, but as fans we take what we can get these days. The EP is seven tracks long and I think they are all pretty solid. How many albums have you come across lately that have atleast seven tracks worth putting into regular rotation? You are lucky to get five. The first single off of this project was the track, "She a Virgin Too," which I believe the theme of the record is self-explanatory. T. Hussle tells it like it is, and that's what I like about him the most. The raw energy of this record is enough to satisfy most true soul music heads, so if you missed out on this joint before here is your chance to play catch up! Just to add to your list of g-wiz factoids, Tony Hussle's uncle is the lead singer of the legendary group Parliment. Now, you know where he got his funk from.


Next up is relatively unknown vocalist Valvin Roane II b.k.a V. I came across this cat back in 2005 on the BBE site. I used to play his EP atleast once a day, because it was just that good! So, I was telling everyone that I knew about this dude, hoping when he finally dropped his album it would shake up the music world? Well, in January 2006 he released his album entitled, "The Revelation Is Now Televised." For anyone with any true music history will think the title of V's album looks very familiar? Even more familiar is the picture on the album. Well, V took the concept for his album from Gil Scott-Heron's "The Revolution Will Be Televised" project. I actually thought this V album would be that kind of movement in soul music actually, but it turned into the album that most people totally missed. Damn, I hate when that happens. I saw no advertisements, interviews or anything of the sort for this wonderful album. The greatest thing about this album is that is has great melodies and real subject matter. The lyrics are heartfelt and the beats are banging all the way through. When I first heard the track titled "Born Again" featuring Jill Scott, I knew I needed this album. That song alone is worth putting your ears on this one, plus the track "Anotha Phase" will have your head bobbin' for years to come?

V's Music

Music comes so fast at times, you gotta step back and appreciate some of the projects that may have been overlooked. If you missed these two joints, check them out and hear what you think! What other albums have been overlooked or missed by the masses that you think need some deserved shine? Leave the names in the comments portion of the post. I'm all ears.....


CBee said...

Jon B's album Stronger Everyday was missed by most. Great album!

Anonymous said...

Van Hunt dropped some dope shit look for that, I am really feeling Joi. Her album tennesse slim is da bomb is really good!
Speaking of Jon B look for his side project called Jack Herrera. It's him with a full band on the neo-soul tip it was never officially released but it's floating around and worth the listen.

I like the site and the music that u post. So here is a link to a mix i put together that i think ya'll would like......


01-Outkast-Spaghetti Junction
02-A Tribe Called Quest-Oh My God
03-Slum Village ft. Busta-What it's all about
04-Jay Dilla ft. Common-e=mc
05-Four Tet ft. Guilty Simpson & Dilla-Serious as your
06-Tony Toni Tone-Been thinking of you
07-ozomatli-Street signs
08-Stevie wonder-signed sealed delivered
09-DJ Zeph-Underscore
10-Prince-Ballad of Dorthy Parker
11-Drums of Power(white label)
12-Blackalicious ft. Gil Scott Heron-First in Flight
13-Gnarls Barkley-Last Time
14-Masta Killa-Brooklyn Kings/another one bites the
15-rockmaster Dee and the magnifcent 3-request line
16-Whodini-Five Minutes of Funk
17-newcleus-Jam on revenge
19-Barkays-Holy Ghost
20-Jackson Sisters-I believe in Miracles
21-Nickodemus-give the drummer some (fort knox remix)
22-Cheryl Lynn vs. Kool Keith
23-Manzel Spacefunk vs. War Me & Baby Brother
24-Madlib-Mystic Bounce

SoundNexx said...

Jon B is really dope! Yes, that J. Herrera album is pretty nice too. Van Hunt is always on point as well. I'm glad to see that you two folks got some real soul music in your lives.

Thanks for stopping thru too!

H.A.R.K the Poet said...

Yes.. V's CD is off the hook... and I could be bia's.. but I"m serious.

I support my brother fully. When you have music that you don't mind if your children learn the words to.. That is good music.

If you don't have TRINT then.. you need to get it..

A little bird let me know he will have another one at the end of this year... don't miss out.
He's in my top on my myspace listening page.

Peace and harmony
live in bliss
yah sis..
HARK the poet

Anonymous said...

This album is definitely worth having and revisiting over and over again. I wish V could be heard more. It is impossible to find really good music. This brother is soul food 4 real.
I want him in rotation...air play my friends. He won't be recognized until the world gets a taste of his spirit.