Thursday, October 26, 2006

Most people that invest any real time into listening to music usually have some favorite artists and producers. The word "favorite" for the intent of my statement means: An artist that you prefer listening to over others in that genre, and you will literally buy (download) their music just because they made it. I have personal favorites in just about all genres of music, but when it comes to producers I have only a select few that I put on level amongst the elite. Now, I have been asked several times over my years, in my opinion what makes a producer great?" I feel that's a very fair question to ask. Honestly, there have been plenty of groundbreaking producers that have blessed the world with tracks over the years. I think we can all agree with that. But, in my opinion what separates the good from great and the great from the legends is pretty simple to me. It really comes down to music knowledge. Plenty of producers can make a hot beat or even rock a party on the tables, but how many DJ/Producers can broaden your music knowledge with their production? Sampling music to make beats has been a big business for several years. What producer hasn't used samples at one time or another, right? Even with sampling being the norm these days, there still is a true art to finding obscure music to pick apart.

Three of my top 10 producers (in no particular order) are Pete Rock, Jay Dee (J Dilla) and this brotha I am speaking on today, Madlib! Madlib comes from a musical family, so it is easy to understand his appreciation and passion for music as a whole. With every project he releases, my ears are constantly being challenged to comprehend what he's bringing to the table. To folks that are unfamiliar with Madlib's style, his music can seem complex, which in some cases it is? Personally, I look forward to the challenge. Madlib usually dives deep into the dusty soul and heavy, but forgotten jazz tracks from music's past. He has a nice way of making them sound fresh all over again though

Speaking of fresh, you folks need to put your ears on the entertaining Mind Fusion (Volumes 1-5) series that Madlib has out. They all have their own different listening experience, from remixes, live performances, to jazz and funk classics. There are large amounts of music to take in from each volume, but it's worth every second!. Expect the unexpected.

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