Thursday, October 05, 2006

Depending on what your flava is when it comes to hiphop music, 2006 is turning out to be a great year? With new albums already dropping from J-Dilla, Nicolay, Strange Fruit Project, Boot Camp Clik, The Roots & Lupe Fiasco this year, things have definitely been looking up for real hiphop in my opinion. The best thing about it is that there are still several upcoming releases that deserve some attention. I won't bother mentioning the rumor of Jay-Z coming out of retirement to release a new album in November! That will get enough media press on it's own. However, I will tell you about two other projects that I am just as happy to see hitting the streets, and that is The Hall of Justus "Soldiers of Fortune" and A.G. "Get Dirty Radio." It's going to be a great Fall after all.

The Hall of Justus a.k.a The Justus League are one of the dopest hiphop crews doing it right now in my opinion. Crew ring-leaders Little Brother have consistantly produced solid projects throughout their short span in the music business, and now it's time for the other members to get some recognition. Not since the Wu-Tang Clan has a crew been this diverse, but yet remain cohesive in their movments. You can definitely recognize that this large organization of rappers and producers are representing southern hiphop with a different vibe than many other artists from the same region. At times this backpacker image has resulted in negative comments from some, but just like a tank in traffic...the Justus League just keep it movin'! Over the last few years the Justus League has released several underground mix CDs highlighting the different artists that are apart of this massive movement, but "Soldiers of Fortune" is their first official mainstream release. Just like their previous releases, you can definitely expect plenty head-bobbin' beats and solid rhymes. For the most part this album only features the League members, but there are a couple of outside guest appearances from Sean Price (Boot Camp Clik) and Cormega. The majority of the production duties were handled in house by Khrysis and 9th Wonder, but there are also tracks produced by Buckwild, Nottz and Evidence on the album as well. This album hits the streets on October 17, 2006!

Next up is my main man A.G. (Andre The Giant)! I am big fan of the Golden Era of hiphop of the 1990's. Yes, the good ole' days as some describe it. It's nice to see some of the veterans from that era still releasing albums in the new millenium? Well...sometimes it is anyway?? Honestly, some rappers don't know when to call it quits! It's sad when you see one of your favorite MCs from yester-year drop a wack album or two, trying to make an unnecessary comeback for obvious reasons. Some of them need to take a page from Young MC's book, and put the mic on the shelf BEFORE someone snatches it out of their hands and pushes them off the stage. Actually, one of my favorite comeback artists of 2005 was Ed O.G! His album with The "Chocolate Boy Wonder" Pete Rock holding down production was a solid release. Ed had his turn and now it's Andre's turn. Personally, Showbiz & A.G. was one of my favorite groups back in the day. Actually, the whole "Diggin' In The Crates" (D.I.T.C) crew were doing there thing.

A.G. has always held his own amongst the many dope D.I.T.C crew members, and now he's back again to hopefully add some new fans to his already large fanbase. Don't ask Andre where he's been over these last couple of years, because he's been here! Atleast, that's what he says on several tracks throughout the album. Outside of Andre's throwback rhyme delivery, the production is addictive. With tracks produced by Madlib, J Dilla, Lord Finesse, Oh No and Jake One, it's very understandable why. This album is definitely on some B-Boy type ish, so if that's your thing add Mr. Giant to your music wishlist. Support good hiphop music!

Checkout these websites for more info about these artists:

Andre The Giant

Hall of Justus


travis said...

For once my good man, I have to disagree with you. While I'm still trying to get a good opinion on the HOJ, it's not favorable right now. The beats are not at all up to par. I guess I expected more from it.

The A.G. was a huuuuuuge disappointment. I found the beats very weak.

This year has been a drop off from the past two in my opinion, although I really like the DJ Exile and J Dilla albums this year along with Lone Catalyst earlier in the year. The Cunninlynguists is my favorite so far this year.

SoundNexx said...

@Travis - U know man the HOJ is definitely not a classic (like it should be) or even in the runnings as one of my favorite albums of the year. The HOJ had a lot of outside influences, plus they let too many of the sideline acts get way more shine than they deserved. With that being said, even when HOJ is at their worst, this crew is still 40 times better than most of the rap trash that drops every other week. There track record has been pretty solid, so as fans we expect nothing but the excellence for every release? For all of the great material they have dropped thus far, I won't hold this album against them.

Wow, U not diggin A.G. either? I actually like the beats because they are very basic and simple. It has that old school feel to me, which I enjoyed! He's no lyrical genius,but when it comes to A.G. this is about the best you are going to get, especially in 2006!

Well, maybe with a few more listens they will grow on you, then maybe not?

I am feelin' the DJ Exile, J Dilla and Lone Catz...but I didn't really care for that Cunninlynguists joint though! I don't really like any of their albums actually. I can't get into them at all. I tried really hard to like them, but it's a no go right now. I may try to listen to their lastest album again in the future....

Kage said...

I like the HOJ album. Haven't heard AG yet.