Monday, October 23, 2006

I did a post a few weeks ago about the male soul artists that I felt were holding the reigns for soul music's future. Well, now it's time to give some shine to the female artists that will hopefully continue making positive contributions to the soul music movement. I personally appreciate female singers. Since, I am a man...they bring the sultry sex appeal that I can definitely appreciate. Plus, if you listen carefully to their lyrics you can definitely learn a lot about women in general. If there is an issue that a woman has experienced throughout time, there is a song written somewhere talking about about it. If men would just pay attention the music, the mysteries that surrounds the female species would be solved? Hmmm, then again...maybe not?? I think it's going to take more then a couple of songs to figure out a woman, but it's a great start....??

There are many, many female artists that I enjoy when it comes to soul music, but I chose three of my favorite female artists to speak on today. Not because they are better than the others, but they have all had my ears open with joy more times than not! These ladies are Conya Doss, Erykah Badu & Jill Scott. Conya Doss is one of the underrated songstresses that definitely needs to be recognized. I discovered Conya Doss a few years back listening to a soul compilation that I purchased from a local record store. There were plenty of nice songs on that compilation from several unknowns, but Conya stood out the most to me. I was immediately diggin' her voice and vibe, but when I finally put eyes on her I truly became a fan!! She's really easy on the eyes, if you haven't noticed. The best thing about her music is diverse subject matter dealing with life and relationships. She combines her passion and emotion into a song that delivers true feeling and uninhibited expression. Not many can attain the consistant quality of music that Conya Doss has delivered over the years, so she just deserves her props! If you have missed on Conya's music get up to speed with her albums "Poems About Ms. Doss," "Just Because," and "Love Rain Down." It's never too late to put your ears on some great music!

These next two ladies I'm about to speak on are on a level all their own! I mean when you think of soul music, these two names should definitely be in your top ten. Erykah Badu took the neo-soul era by storm in 1997 when she dropped the classic album, "Baduizm." It was definitely something different that Erykah was bringing to the table with this joint. The funniest thing about it, is that I heard her very first EP released under the name Erika Wright before the Baduizm transition, and it sounded like a soulful house music? I must say that I enjoyed the updated (E. Badu) version of her music a lot more because it was exciting and ground-breaking. "Baduizm" wasn't just an album, it was a powerful form of expression that changed my view of what soul music represented. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Badu live, it really can't be put into words. She converts the stage into her own sanctuary of funky freedom and soulful bliss! Inscents anyone? Unlike so many soul artists that have come after her, Erykah has her own voice that continues to challenge the norm of the tired mainstream. Even though she has recieved some radio play over her years in the business, she is still not given the exposure she deserves. Maybe it's because she delivers her personal and sometimes disturbing depictions of the American society in her music. That's the quickest way to get removed from the urban radio top 20 count down. I used to wonder why some folks that swear they love soul music can't get with Ms. Badu? I think it's because she is complex as an artist. Her music in most cases takes a few listens to digest, which is a lot different from the bubble gum tracks that saturate the radio airwaves these days. Soul music needs more Erykah Badu type artists to keep things balanced. I shouldn't have to tell you to get some E. Badu in your life! Just like the Justus League, Erykah Badu is whatcha need!

This next lady is the third reason why you should feel good about the future of soul music will be just fine. Philly's own Jill Scott is like soul music royalty in my humble opinion. She reminds us the limitless boundaries that a soul artist can cross when packaged in the proper format. Is there one award show that Ms. Jilly hasn't performed on, blessing us with her stunning vocals? Her live performances are unmatched just on the sheer power and sultry delivery of her vocals. Jill Scott always remained classy and confident as her career has taken shape over the years. Now, she's an household name in the soul genre, but she still has not gotten all she deserves. Her debut album "Who Is Jill Scott?" is definitely a classic by my standards, but I know many people that still don't own it? I have asked the question "WHY?" for many years, but I have yet to find the answer? As talented as these three ladies I have written about today, much of their music is not in many people's collections? Is it based on availability? Of course not. The internet has opened doors that weren't even heard of 10 years ago for accessing music! Maybe it's the urban radio stations for not pushing these artists like they should? Nope, not their fault either. Actually, if you are still letting the radio tell you what you should be listening to in 2006, then you are already in trouble. Free your mind and take control of reigns for your own musical future. That's just a suggestion, but either way the future of soul music will be O-TAY!
New and innovative artists are making soul music everyday, so keep your ears open.

I have put together a little compilation of entitled, "The Vixenish Mix" to give you all a taste of who I listen to in the soul female category. Some of the tracks are old and others are new, but take a listen if you want to hear some quality soul music.


1)) Algebra - Some Kind of Wonderful
2)) Havana - Hey (Kick Push Remix)
3)) Tiffany Paige - Can't Let Go feat. Don
4)) Mary J. Blige - So Lady feat. R. Saadiq
5)) Stephanie McKay - Peace & Blessings
6)) Joy Denalang - Heaven or Hell feat. Raekwon
7)) Conya Doss - Let You Know
8)) Floetry - Let Me In
9)) Zap Mama - Bandy Bandy feat. Erykah Badu
10) Lina - I Am
11) Jill Scott - Show Me
12) Muhsinah - So So
13) Yahzarah - Beautiful People
14) Georgia Muldrow - Wrong Way
15) Choklate - Amazing
16) Carol Riddick - I Don't Wanna
17) Wayna - Slums of Paradise



Anonymous said...

Nice compilation! You should peep Alison Crockett and Sy Smith, just to name a few more.

SoundNexx said...

Yep, I was actually going to include those two ladies, but there wasn't enuff space on this compilation. I am glad you are aware of them though. Neither of them are getting the recognition they deserve either.

M Beezy said...

I really like the compilation. Now, I have some new artists to find. Thanx.