Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I know all you 80's babies remember "
The Superfriends" cartoon from back in the day, right? All you 90's babies, please pay attention. This just might be interesting? Then maybe not, but here we go anyway! Speaking strictly about the cartoon, The Superfriends were a crew of superheroes that banded together in hopes of preserving truth, justice and the American way! The Superfriends were made up of Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Wonder Twins, Batman and Robin. The Superfriends were part of a larger organization entitled, the "Justice League of America." Other superheroes like Atom, Thor, Captain America, Flash, The Green Lantern, Hawkman, etc...would lend a hand when the ongoing battle against evil got a little heavy. The Justice League recruited just about every superheroe that were fighters for truth and justice (you gotta luv that). The Hall of Justice was the name of the sacred place where all of the heroes would gather to discuss the strategies on how to rid the world of evil, which was headed by the "Legion of Doom." The Justice League had a fierce nemesis in the Legion of Doom, but they always kept up the good fight. I miss the good ole' cartoons from back in the day! In terms of superheroes in the cartoon world of imagination, The Justice League of America was the ish!! Here to save us all...

A group of rappers from North Carolina have taken on the Justice League persona when it comes to hiphop music. They call themselves the Justus League (shown in the photo above). The core members of the Justus League are: Phonte, Big Pooh, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, L.E.G.A.C.Y, Edgar Allen Floe, Joe Scudda, Median, Sean Boog, Cesar Comanche and Chaundon. They are all talents in their own right, but as a team they are a force to be reckoned with. Are they here to save hiphop music from the evils (clear channel & radio one) that exist? Let's hope so?? Checkout the "HALL OF JUSTUS".....

"As hiphop music seems to be slidding toward it's demise, members of The Justus League arrive just in time to save the day...."

Out of all the Justus Leaguers, Little Brother (as shown in the photo on the left: Phonte, 9th Wonder & Big Pooh) have been the most successful? By success I definitely don't mean record sales, but they have put a slight spark back into hiphop since the release of their debut album, "The Listening" back in 2003. Being from North Carolina has seemed to be a burden for the group at times because in the world of southern rap music, the so-called "backpacker music" is not appreciated? Who came up with that silly term anyway? If you are not rapping about selling drugs, rims that spin or the amount of diamonds in your chain, should that automatically put you in the so-called, backpacker category?? How about just calling it good hiphop music instead. Not saying that the Justus League is the only hiphop crew putting out good music in 2006, but in today's mainstream hiphop scene, the lyrics about drugs, jewelry and rims outweigh the others tremendously! Okay, I promised myself that I wasn't going there today, so lets keep it moving......

Despite the diverse subject matter the League brings to the microphone, the production has been key to their overall appeal as well. Little Brother producer 9th Wonder changed the production game with his chopped, but catchy soul samples. When Jay-Z enlisted him to make a beat for his last project, "The Black Album" things really started looking up for 9th! The Away Team producer Khrysis has proven that he a definite force in the production game as well. Not trying to follow in the footsteps of 9th, Khrysis has found his own original production style that will definitely keep your head bobbin'! Then you have the Neitherlands Justus League affiliate Nicolay that also lends a hand on the production tip as well. Nic has a smooth-silky production sound that entwines haunting chants with hypnotic rhythms. Most of Nicolay's beats can stand alone perfectly without one verse being spit over them, and still hold the average listener's attention in eargasmic bliss. Together these three katz handle the bulk of the Justus League production. How lucky are we!!

Over the short span of the Justus League movement, the crew has definitely expanded. Other artists have allied with the League because they appreciate what they are all about, and how they are soaring toward the goal of bringing hiphop back to essence from which it originated? Good and creative music! Beats and rhymes with no filler or added preservatives! Some of the JL affiliates are: Jean Grae, Strange Fruit Project, Kenn Starr, Kev Brown, Supastition, Oddisee, Yahzarah, Darien Brockington & Questlove...just to name a few. This is a good thing for everyone, because that means more great music.

I don't know about ya'll, but the Justus League has been a great breath of fresh air for hiphop since their arrival on the scene. I think the world of hiphop is a better place since these katz arrived, and I hope they continue to bless us with new music until I go deaf? For those of you that had never heard of the Justus League until you read this post and you really love great hiphop, you can thank me later!! I mean that sincerely, because this crew has lots of great hiphop that needs to heard. If you don't like the Justus League, you really to re-evaluate whether you like hiphop at all? It's ashame that these katz can't get the radio and video airplay that some the other less talented rappers get in 2006! This may be a different world if we had better music choices? Who knew that music could actually shape the world???

Ending this post without a mix would be a crime, so here we go. I dug threw some of my Justus League material to pull out some of the tracks that have stoodout to me over the years. Think of this as an appetizer to the main course, if you have never been exposed to the League. Download and play this mix several times, then tell a friend about it! Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so lets spread the word if you haven't already. It's never too late for change......

Checkout these two rare videos first though......

Little Brother "Speed" video

L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Nice" Video

Ayt, lets get on with the mix.........


1) Whatcha Like - Little Brother
2) Let It Go - Little Brother feat. Mos Def
3) Yesterday - Supastition
4) Light It Up - Little Brother feat. Nicolay
5) Door To My Life - Joe Scudda feat. Phonte
6) Back At It Again - Kenn Starr feat. Median & M. Phase
7) Perfect One - Kazi feat. 9th Wonder
8) Organ Donor - L.E.G.A.C.Y
9) My Story - Kay feat. Sy Smith & Nicolay
10) Solid - Jean Grae feat. Phonte
11) All Night - Von Pea feat. Phonte
12) Step Off - Little Brother
13) Flash & Flare - Little Brother feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y
14) Just Friends - Big Pooh feat. Khrysis
15) I'm The Man - Black Spade feat. Nicolay
16) Getaway - Thyrday
17) Murray's Revenge - Murs feat. 9th Wonder
18) Beats N Rhymes - Kev Brown feat. Phonte & Oddisee
19) Have Nots - Dox & Shelly B feat. 9th Wonder
20) Holiday - Chaundon
21) Intergalactic Soul - DJ Spinna feat. Phonte


Where were you when you first heard the Justus League??


nova said...

you know I live for this... big LB and Darien fan.

When you get a chance check out my UMMAH mix.


Your joint is going straight on my ipod. *dap*

Shanti said...

Whatup Jamz. I downloaded the mix and this shit is hot. I hate the songs aren't separated though. Anyway I'll definitely be checking your site more often.

AntBee said...

Hey Yo! What about us 60s babies, we grew up in the 70s when the Superfriends first came on TV?! We even got to see live action Captain Marvel (Shazaam!) and Isis TV shows on Saturday mornings! Take that, 80s babies! LOL
Anyway, thanks for the hookup on the mix, it's hot!

SoundNexx said...

@Nova - I knew a music guru like yourself would appreciate the Justus League! :^)

@Shanti - Honestly, I don't love the single MP3, but since it's easier for me all the way around I use that format. I promise when I started getting my DJ Clue type paper for these mixes, I will definitely separate the trax..LOL!
Glad u liked the mix anyway tho...

@AntBee - My bad playa..I wasn't trying to exclude anyone! U took it back with that Shazaam tho..LOL!
The kiddies don't know nuthin bout that!! Glad u enjoyed the mix!

I hope ya'll clicked on the photo of the Justice League at the top of this post to see the real League..LOL??

DMecca7 said...

Thanks J, I know I'm getting to this installment a little late, but you know I like these Kats. I will definitely be downloading this mix. Good looking out.


travis said...
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travis said...

Nice write up. It's refreshing to see some of us trying to actually educate instead of throwing up the same newest advance promo copy that 10 other blogs are linking up that same week.

As far as JL and the mix, I'm a fan of them and there is even some stuff I haven't heard on that mix, thanks man, keep doing your thing.

Oh, thanks for checking us out too playa...

SoundNexx said...

@Dmecca7 - Yeah, I knew you'd want this one. We kinda came up on LB around the same time, and things have better ever since!

@Travis - U are correct my man! There are lots of sites doing the same ole stuff, which is boring and unoriginal. I think the problem is that most of these bloggers don't really know much about hiphop, so they can't really speak on it the way we do? I'm just trying to change the mindset of one person at a time by bringing real music back to the forefront.

Glad u dug the mix too playa!

Name said...

I think Jermaine Dupri used the melody of My Story to pruduce Chingy's Pullin' Me Back.