Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I decided to do a post on The Procussions because I get asked about this group atleast once a week! I know when you saw this photo of them, you were probably thinking..."Is that them Baha Men dudes that sang that song, Who Let The Dogs Out??" Nope! You got the wrong katz playa! The Procussions (J. Medeiros, Stro & Rez) are strictly hiphop, but they have a fresh spin to their sound? They have the charisma of the "OLD" Black Eye Peas (b4 the white woman joined the group), and the chemistry of Jurassic 5. Their debut album was entitled, "As Iron Sharpens Iron," which was released back in 2003. I actually discovered this hiphop group back in April 2006. I had gotten a promo copy of their second album "5 Sparrows For 2 Cents," but I didn't give it a full listen initially? At first listen they sounded like many of the lame underground hiphop groups that drop albums trying to get on under false pretences? I am glad that I didn't give up on them, because by the third listen I realized that The Procussions actually have some substance. They bring that carefree and fun hiphop back to the forefront, with catchy hooks and headbobbin' rhythms. The funniest thing about these katz is that they hale from Colorado Springs, Colorado. This definitely shows that hiphop is not just originating in New York, California and the Southern region anymore! I actually lived in Colorado Springs a few years ago, and lets just say that boring military town does not have a prominent hiphop scene to say the least! There are a couple spots around town where you can get into some real underground hiphop like "Independent Records" on East Platte Avenue. That spot always had the butta underground joints and hard to find releases! Other then that, theirs only thin air and reckless driving going on up in that piece?

Over the last few years I have talked, debated and argued about the state of hiphop in the new millenium. My point has always been, it's about quality not quantity! One great album is worth more than any 10 mediocre albums in my opinion? Choose wisely and find the quality hiphop albums that exist (yes there are some quality albums out there) and avoid that trash rap albums! Easier said than done, but it's not impossible. It starts with expanding your taste in hiphop music. That doesn't mean that you can't like Jeezy, DMX, Dem Franchize Boyz & E-40, but your taste shouldn't be limited to just those artists? There is a lot of great music out there that deserves some attention, so don't remain blinded with your tunnel visioned way of thinking! The Procussions "5 Sparrows For 2 Cents" album is probably not going to blow you away on the first couple of listens, but that is really its appeal. Now, don't get me wrong, there are a few bangers on the album like "Simple Song," "I'll Fly" and "For The Camera" that will have your head bobbin' instantly? Other standout tracks like "Miss January" and "The Storm" kinda sneak up on you like athlete's foot! This album may not be a classic, but it is definitely worth a listen. If you enjoy groups like Jurrassic 5, Strange Fruit Project, The Black Eye Peas, and Dilated Peoples...you'll probably like The Procussions as well?




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travis said...

Hailing from Denver myself, I was suprised to know they were even from Colorado. I need to sit down and listen to this album some more, because I'm just not getting it yet