Friday, August 25, 2006

J Dilla "The Shining" Album
It's FINALLY here! Well, sort of anyway? Most J Dilla a.k.a James Yancey (Jay Dee)fans have already gotten a digital copy of this album via the internet a couple of months back (if your downloading game is tight)? "The Shining" album is no exception when it comes to the many albums that are sometimes, unintentionally leaked everyday in this country! Those of you that got your hands on the very first promo leaked version of this album were initially distracted by the movie sound clips from the original flick starring Jack Nicholson. Some folks thought that this was actually the final version of the album, and were immediately turned off by it? Others felt that the movie soundbytes enhanced the underlying messages surrounding the songs themselves, which was a creative commodity that put J Dilla's legacy at an even higher standing than before. Dilla was a genius to incorporate his musical vision with Stanley Kubrick's 1980 movie masterpiece, and taking his production sound to another level. No matter which way you felt, the final album does not include the movie sound clips. So, if you were turned off by that version, get turned on again! For those that enjoy the promo version, now pick up the final version as well.

"The Shining" album was released on August 22, 2006. This will considered his last album by most, but his music will live on through us like so many before that passed too soon. Unlike many other rappers that die prematurally, Jay Dee died from Lupus Disease. He was sick for many years, and his family has suffered a great financial loss paying for J Dilla's medical care and treatment. Even after his death, the Yancey Family is still going through financial troubles. Some proceeds from purchasing "The Shining" album will go to the Yancey Family, which is a great thing. I want to encourage everyone to BUY this album! Not only because it's helping the Yancy Family with their money troubles, but it's a great album! Supporting real music is still necessary. I am a little troubled with the lack of promotion for this album, but I am definitely not shocked by it?

Checkout the J Dilla Foundation website, and get more information about other ways you can contribute to the cause. They have some cool stuff on there for purchase as well for the real Jay Dee fans looking for collector's items.

In rememberance of J Dilla and the support of his new album, I am reposting the SoundNexx "Dilla Lives On Megamixx" for download!

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Skrill said...

This is a great album. I bought 2 copies of it! Keep doing your thing on SoundNexx. I love the site!

Nice mix too!